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How Integrating GetintheLoop Will Add Increased Value to Your Business

When starting a partnership, we get to know your organization and understand exactly how we can add value to your specific industry. The value we bring to every partnership is unique; however, we have listed our most common benefits.

Increase visits and engagement

Give your website or app audience access to valuable real-time local merchant offers while increasing visits and engagement.

Automated website content for SEO

Creating new content for websites and apps can be time-consuming. GetintheLoop’s dynamic live offers feed provides your visitors with a stream of fresh content they’ll love. The feed also automatically adopts your website style giving you control of the look and feel of the content.

Amplify your offers and promotions

Extend the reach of your GetintheLoop offers and promotions to your website audience by featuring your promotions at the top of your live feed.

Collaborate and connect

Build deeper connections to your business community by collaborating with us to support local merchants and the community.

Monetize your website

More exposure for your offers and more engagement on your website or app can drive enterprise value. Pending on your size, you may qualify for our Integration Partner Monetization Program.
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Words From Our Current Partners

“The partnership with GetintheLoop will bring substantially more value to our members in Canada and connect us more closely to the communities our members live in.”

Seif Saghri, Founder/CEO - Benefit Hub
We got to know GetintheLoop over the past few years and have been increasingly impressed with the company’s technology and their commitment to helping retailers and local businesses attract and retain local customers during the pandemic”[...]”Our partnership allows us to add further value to Canadian businesses big and small while providing another avenue and touchpoint for our 500,000 + visitors each month.
Craig Patterson, Editor-in-Chief - Retail Insider
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Does it cost money to integrate GetintheLoop into my site or app?

No, participation is free.

Do you offer technical support?

Depending on the situation, our engineering team may be able to provide assistance.

How do I know if my website or app is a good fit?

If you publish a location based app, let’s talk.

If you’re a hotel and want to help your visitors explore and discover your city, let’s talk.

If you lead a shop local organization, BIA, or Chamber of Commerce, let’s talk.

If you’re with a local media company looking to expand your digital offerings, let’s talk.

If you want to simply show your support for your local business community while providing your website visitors with valuable local content, let’s talk.

Can I control what content appears on my site?

Yes, and while publishing more offer content creates a better experience, there are times when content filters are required and GetintheLoop can provide controls.

How is this different from adding Google AdSense to my site?

AdSense is a program designed to pay website publishers on an audience reach basis. Ads are generally placed throughout your site and are generally done so to monetize your site.

Adding GetintheLoop to your website or app is about adding valuable, local, dynamic content that your visitors and community will value. Our offer feed and integration doesn’t ‘interrupt’ or clutter the experience on your website or app, it enhances the community that you’re building.

What’s an API and SDK?

An API or Application Programming Interface is software that enables us to provide our feed of live offers seamlessly within your website.

We offer a lightweight, simple version and a more feature rich enterprise version of our API.An SDK stands for Standard Development Kit and is a set of software development tools in a downloadable package to create the entire white labeled GetintheLoop experience in your app.

GetintheLoop’s Enterprise API can power a deeper, white-labeled experience on your website and our mobile SDK lets you integrate a white-labeled location first, local offers experience inside your app, providing your audience with dynamic offers and a map view, and member rewards based on your integration goals and preferences.

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