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GetintheLoop Launches $10,000 Community Investment Program – Helping Support Small Businesses 

As a technology company, our team at GetintheLoop has always tried to think of a better way to do things through the tech we build. Our original purpose was to use local offers to connect people with business in local communities. But in a time like this, we are reminded that technology can be better utilized to support what really matters, our neighbours and the communities as a whole. We need to think local more than ever before while finding ways to stay connected

Thinking local can mean looking for opportunities to support the small businesses in our neighbourhoods and one another. In these times consider local businesses that offer pick up and delivery first, and you can help support other small businesses by purchasing gift cards now for use later. 

Using technology we can stay connected by checking in on a neighbour, your friends, and family, It might mean picking something up for someone who can’t, sharing a kind word, or socially sharing a local business who is open.

Together if we think local, and stay connected we help one another get through this and help our communities recover sooner. 

Our team felt called into action when the world came to a pause and small businesses across the country were left scrambling to find ways to survive with the hopes to one day thrive again.   Our company is now gearing up to adapt to help local businesses everywhere connect to their community and inspire consumers to think local first, not just now but always.

As a first step, GetintheLoop is investing $10,000 in the local communities we serve.   Rewarding over 500 local GetintheLoop Members to support over 500 local businesses. All in an effort to remind communities to Think Local and Stay Connected to local businesses now, and in the future.

With the support of over 125 local GetintheLoop entrepreneurs in 63 markets across Canada, we will run three weekly contests in each market to reward members with gift cards to support a local business. 

For more information on this initiative, or how to get involved, please reach out to us at If you are looking to participate in receiving local rewards download our app here.

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