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Build customer loyalty. Drive repeat purchases. Stand out from the competition.

Rewards programs aren’t just for big brands—GetintheLoop’s digital punch card lets any business create a loyalty program in just a couple of clicks! A loyalty program is a great way to ensure that customers feel appreciated and keep coming back.

A Digital Edge

With GetintheLoop’s digital punch card and loyalty program, give customers a digital solution to coupons and loyalty programs.

Loyalty Made Easy

Build customer loyalty and keep customers returning by driving repeat purchases.

The Better Option

Loyalty rewards make consumers feel special and encourage them to choose you over competitors.

Stay Top of Mind

Stay top of mind since the digital card is always in their pocket, making it easier than ever for customers to drop in and earn!

Full Flexibility

Create year-round programs or even seasonal programs—Punch Card Offers are completely customizable.

Adapts to Your Business

Choose whether customers earn their way toward a discount, cash incentive, free item, or whatever suits your business best.

One Step Ahead

Save time as you create, post and edit Punch Card Offers fast and as often as you like based on customer feedback.

Up the Average

These offers let you increase the value of each customer since visitors are likely to make purchases unrelated to the offer when they visit.
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