Your Back to Work Survival Guide

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If there’s something we can all agree on, it’s that heading back to work after a jam-packed long weekend is rough. To help you prepare for the Monday-est Tuesday ever, we’ve created a small (but mighty) checklist to set you up for success.


Make your lunch the night before

Chances are you indulged in a few too many burgers and beverages. We’re not judging, we did too. Do yourself and your wallet a favour and make a lunch. A healthy and filling meal will keep you fuelled all day while you tackle that shockingly-full inbox.

Set your alarm 15 minutes before you want to get up

If you know you’re inevitably going to push snooze, set your alarm 15 minutes earlier! You’ll still get the satisfaction of pushing snooze, but you’ll stay on time!

No screen time 30 mins before bed

Set your alarm and then put your phone away. Staring at a cellphone or laptop screen before bed has been proven to make it harder to fall asleep, and will make you more groggy the next morning. Pick up a good book and read for 30 minutes before bed to quiet your mind and get you ready to have a good night’s rest.

Pour a big coffee

It’s Tuesday. The long weekend is over and it’s time to get down to business. Turn on your favourite music, pour yourself a large cup of coffee for the road and head out the door!

Make a to do list

You made it to work, your inbox is full, and 4 pressing items came out of your first meeting. Stop. Take a minute. Write it all down. Make a to-do list of realistic action items that you want to accomplish for the day. Being able to check them off as you complete them will give you a sense of accomplishment, and will also make your list look less daunting.

There you have it! Before you know it, it’ll be Wednesday, and then the weekend will be just around the corner again.   


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