Your Perception Creates Your Reality

May 13th, 2020 Posted by resources No Comment yet

Understandably, deciding to start a business can be challenging in a stable market, let alone uncertain times, but if you’re considering buying a franchise or starting a business, it might just be the way you perceive the situation that will drive your outcome and your success. 

Maybe you’ve noticed the pandemic has caused some businesses to close, while some new businesses have emerged, and many other businesses have pivoted how and what they do to survive, and indeed thrive into the future. 

This begs the question, “what explains why one business can pivot or emerge successfully in a time when others are closing due to the pandemic?”

Is it bad luck, lack of resources, and preparedness? Or, is it how the business’ leadership perceives the situation? There is evidence to suggest all of the above can be at play. However, your perception is like the operating system by which all of your decisions and actions are guided by, and it’s a far more powerful force than we often realize. 

Henry Ford famously said, “whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right”. Essentially, he’s saying that depending on how you perceive the situation will determine your outcome. 

At GetintheLoop, we have an innovative culture and a team that has chosen to look for the opportunities to pivot, improve, and serve the changed needs of the communities we serve. We choose to see the abundance in the world and that by creating opportunities for others, we create opportunities for ourselves too. 

It was less than a week into the pandemic when the conversations at GetintheLoop lead to a new vision and planning, which began to take shape as new features in the app, sales and marketing programs, community initiatives, strategic partnerships, and efforts to increase member engagement. 

Today, nearly two months later, we can see just how much a catalyzing event like a pandemic can drive change and impact a business. While several newspapers have cited the pandemic as the final straw that has caused them to shut down their printing presses for good – GetintheLoop has had a different experience. 

In the past eight weeks, we’ve broken records for the number of businesses on our platform, the number of offers they are promoting, and the number of people using our app to support local businesses.

  • 92% increase in businesses on the GetintheLoop platform coast to coast.
  • 6 new national brands live including The Canadian Brewhouse, iHop, Osmow’s & Papa Murphy’s with hundreds of locations nationwide.
  • 20 new partnerships including Canada’s largest Chamber of Commerce.
  • 10 record-breaking days of member engagement on our app.

We’ve been fortunate to be able to see how we can help communities across Canada, we’ve also seen the need to bring GetintheLoop to more communities across the country. Local businesses across Canada have a need and there are gaps to be filled. 

If you see the value of connecting small businesses with consumers who want to support them by shopping locally first and the opportunity to bring GetintheLoop’s mobile marketing solution to your community, and you perceive that you can do this, we invite you to take the next step to find out. Reach out, chat with us, join the no-risk Early Access Program, or consider getting started to take advantage of the opportunity today.

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