Run Your Small Business Entirely from your Smartphone

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Busy people have their phones at their fingertips throughout the day. In fact, 80% of people check their phones before brushing their teeth in the morning, and we physically touch our phones over 2,500 times a day!

We all love our smartphones – why? Because they can do so much for us. We can keep in touch with family and friends, play games, shop, watch movies, get recipe inspiration, pay our bills, and so much more. Your smartphone works for you, so why should it be any different for a business owners.  Anyone who runs a business knows the number of hats required on a daily basis – one moment you’re paying bills, next you’re dealing with an upset customer, and next you’re placing the weekly supplies order. Many business owners or entrepreneurs have found that the best way to streamline operations and reduce the time it takes to do many of these tasks is to use apps that are made for each specific purpose. Essentially, this allows business owners and managers to run their entire business operations from their cells phones. The sheer number of apps that have been created for business functions is phenomenal – you can literally find an app to do anything – and the best part is, they are usually free or low-cost, which is ideal for small businesses.

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Here we have compiled a list of 16 of the best apps for your smartphone to make it easier to run your business:

Finance Apps


QuickBooks can be used to track sales and expenses, create financial statements, pay employees and vendors, track invoice payments etc. It integrates with many other accounts to make all your business finance needs easy – including doing your business taxes!!

QuickBooks Go Payment

QuickBooks GoPayment allows business owners to swipe credit cards, scan a card with the camera, or manually key in card details for  secure payments.


Wave is another easy-to-use accounting software app that allows businesses to track sales and expenses, pay employees, create reports etc. Receipt by Wave can be used to for expense tracking – quickly categorizing all of your receipts and connecting them to your account.


As the name may suggest, this is an app for expense tracking. You can link your credit or debit card to your account so charges incurred are put directly on an expense report, or take pictures of your receipts with your phone, and Expensify will automatically extract the relevant information.


Invoice2go is an invoice app that allows small businesses to choose from a wide range of invoice templates to then create and send professional invoices. You can track sends, and opens of invoices, and easily see when invoices are overdue. Reports show you the financial health of your business.


Square is a popular payment app with small businesses due to it’s ease of use, and the fact that it negates the need for a POS machine. It uses a small, portable card reader that attaches to a phone or another mobile device to take fast, convenient payments. For the most basic service, it’s free for set-up.

Communication Apps


At GetintheLoop we love Slack’s instant messaging platform for internal communication. Conversations can be separated into private or public channels, or you can communicate with one or several people via direct messages. Share files in the chat window.

Organization and Productivity Apps


Trello is an easy-to-use project management app. Use it to track work assignments and  progress via cards on a Trello board. To the Trello boards you can add members, comments, due dates, etc. Whenever you change a card, Trello notifies each member via email and on mobile devices.

Google Drive

For file storage and sharing, us GetintheLoop-ers love Google Drive as it lets you keep all files in one place that can be accessed from any device. Permissions can be altered to allow people to view, comment, or edit documents.


Evernote is designed for taking notes, and general organizing using tasks lists. Notes can be a piece of formatted text, a webpage, an image, a voice message and more. Notes can have attachments and can be organized in a multitude of different ways. Keep your life in order, declutter and find things when you need them!


Square Appointments

With this app, business owners are able to better track their calendar and take online appointment bookings and payments. Clients receive appointment reminders, reducing the likelihood of no-shows.


If you’re a big traveller for work, Tripit is the app for you. Once a trip is booked, from any website, simply email the confirmation email to TripIt and it will consolidate and organize all travel plans in one place, on a single itinerary that can be accessed at any time on any device.

Sales and Marketing Apps


Start using GetintheLoop to inform customers old and new about your business’ exciting unique experiences and exclusive deals. GetintheLoop is an offers platform for businesses to attract new customers and build loyalty. These offers and experiences are delivered straight to the smartphones of locals via the GetintheLoop app.


Email marketing is the tried and true digital marketing channel with an average return of $38 for every $1 spent. Mailchimp makes it easy and fast for business owners to stay in touch with customers via email. Build and manage your mailing lists, use templated emails or create your own. View reports of the results to inform your next email content to ensure you’re providing value to your email recipients.

Inventory and Shipping Apps


This app is a must have for someone who ships a lot as part of their business.  From the app, you can create and print batch labels and connect to top shipping carriers, process orders, track shipments, process fulfillment orders, and more.

Scheduling Apps

When I work

When I Work is employee scheduling software built with hourly employees in mind – perfect for many small businesses. Through the app, employees can see their schedule, clock in and out and communicate with their manager, and vice versa.

These are just some of the apps we like for small business owners and managers to save time and money on some of the less glamorous aspects of running a business. Got any apps that you particularly love? Let us know!

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