Introducing: Digital Punch Card Rewards

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Many small business owners would agree that it costs less to keep a customer than it does to find a new one. One of the ways GetintheLoop helps small businesses retain and develop regular customers is with our new digital punch card. 

Despite being somewhat of a hassle for your customers to store, track, and carry numerous cards around, paper punch cards are a time tested way to reward regular customers and keep them coming back for more.

A new twist on an old favourite. These days people don’t leave home without their phone and most always have it on hand. With GetintheLoop’s digital punch card your customers will never feel the frustration of forgetting their punch card again. The benefits of building a punch card loyalty program with GetintheLoop extend far beyond consumer convenience.

GetintheLoop’s new digital punch card


While most punch cards sit in a wallet or at the bottom of a purse and are often elusive and prone to getting lost, GetintheLoop’s digital punch cards are discoverable in our app at all times. It’s like a sandwich sign and punch card all-in-one. Plus, when someone starts a punch card with you, it’s automatically stored in GetintheLoop’s digital wallet so that your customers can quickly and easily find it.


Members discover and save punch cards

Instead of a punch or a stamp, GetintheLoop gives you three ways to set up your purchase validation which are: by pin code, location, or both. 

These options enable you to run your punch card program in-store and open up new opportunities to integrate punch cards with mobile, delivery, e-commerce, and pick up business models. And of course, it’s totally contactless.

Quick and easy to create your punch card

Another benefit of GetintheLoop’s digital punch card is, you’ll gain valuable insights about your punch card program, including how many people have joined your offer and how active they are through your stats dashboard. 

Measure your punch card program

GetintheLoop’s members have opted in to be a part of our shop local community, and they look forward to discovering ways to support local businesses. If you’re ready to increase store visits and sales why not create your punch card offer today, or contact your GetintheLoop Local Owner to learn more.

GetintheLoop for Business – Punch Cards

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