How BIA’s and Chambers of Commerce work with GetintheLoop

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Today, more than ever, local businesses rely on the support of business first organizations like BIAs and Chambers of Commerce to help navigate challenges brought on by Covid-19. The pandemic has thrust consumer trends forward a decade. It has ushered in a new sense of urgency for brick and mortar businesses to transition online and find ways to keep local commerce alive and thriving.

Whether your organization’s goals are to help get local businesses visible online, create a multi-channel shop local campaign, or digitize an existing event, GetintheLoop has programs to help you bring value to your members. Over the past year, GetintheLoop has supported dozens of BIAs and Chambers across Canada; here are a few examples of how we’ve helped. 

Communicate changes to business

When more than half of all local businesses were caught without a website and the digital skills to cope with the sudden lockdowns and closures brought on by the pandemic, the Greater Vernon Chamber of Commerce (GVCC) partnered with GetintheLoop to help their members communicate how their businesses were pivoting to provide pick-up, delivery, and other service options. 

“As the voice of business in the Greater Vernon area, we saw our member’s need to communicate to the public during these challenging business conditions,” notes GVCC General Manager Dione Chambers. “We wanted to expand our support to provide all Greater Vernon businesses with free access to GetintheLoop’s platform. It’s a great way to help them stay connected to area residents with offers and information about how we can support them now and as our community recovers”.

Digitize a street event

The Camrose Chamber of Commerce partnered with GetintheLoop when they realized lockdowns in the region would force the closure of their annual Jaywalkers Jamboree street event. Together, we created adigital version of Jaywalkers for the community which stimulated consumer spending during one of the most challenging times while keeping the tradition alive.

“GetintheLoop provided the platform for us to host our event virtually,” explained Executive Director of the Camrose Chamber, Sharon Anderson. GetintheLoop is not just a platform; it’s an extra set of hands as we provide personal service for each business, including setup, optimization, and support. Anderson adds, “Fifty-three businesses participated in the promotion, and GetintheLoop set them all up and also managed the draws for our daily prize giveaways.”

Add a digital layer to street events

As markets open up and conditions allow for street festivals and local shopping events to occur in real life, GetintheLoop is a robust digital layer added to create awareness, drive in-store and online traffic. It enables you to measure the impact of the event better.  

Sheva Boire, the Marketing Coordinator at the Downtown Lethbridge BRZ, adds, “GetintheLoop accomplishes this with an innovative solution that our downtown businesses and consumers love to use. Working with GetintheLoop’s team has been nothing short of fantastic.”

Help communicate the impact your organization is making

All of GetintheLoop’s custom solutions are measurable, and member businesses that participate get access to their dashboard with reach and action stats. BIA and Chamber partners have access to the campaign’s overall stats and the contest results and value that data and insights towards their efforts in communicating the impact their organization makes for their members.

Dynamic Website Content

GetintheLoop provides our BIA and Chamber partners with an easy to embed web widget that enables you to add a live shop local feed to your website. The feed updates automatically as local merchants update their offers on GetintheLoop, and it’s another way to show support for your members while helping to connect them to consumers in your community. 

GetintheLoop offers customized community-building initiatives for BIAs and Chambers on a flexible partnership structure. Whether you want to add value to your existing members or create a new revenue stream for your organization, GetintheLoop can create a program that supports your objectives. 

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