How to Drive Customer Loyalty Through GetintheLoop

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It is a known rule of thumb that 80% of a company’s sales come from 20% of their customers. This means that how well a business can drive customer loyalty becomes a major factor in how successful that business is. One way for your business to increase customer loyalty and keep customers coming back is providing them with local offers and unique experiences. By using GetintheLoop to provide offers to members, you can drive customer loyalty – but you have to make sure that you are utilizing the platform correctly.

The 5 Musts to Drive Loyalty

1- Communicate your partnership with Employees

It is important that all employees are knowledgeable of what GetintheLoop is, how it works, and what it is intended to do. Not only should employees be aware that your business is an active partner on the platform, but they should also be well aware of the offers that are available to members. If employees are not aware it can create a bad member experience.

Example: If a member walks into a store expecting to use an offer from GetintheLoop and the employee has neither heard of Getintheloop nor know about the offer it can leave a member frustrated with the service and store.

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2- Communicate your partnership with existing customers

GetintheLoop can be used to help incentivize your current customers to keep coming back – but you must communicate your partnership with them. GetintheLoop can provide businesses with marketing materials that the business can use to communicate this partnership as well as plenty of features that allow you to communicate and share an offer in one simple step.

Example: “Post to Facebook” feature lets you post an offer to your company’s Facebook page which will direct your Facebook followers to the GetintheLoop app and your offer.

3- Have your best sales running

When thinking of creating an offer, it is important that your business has the best possible sales running – something that will make members put in the effort to coming into your business. Examples of offers that can drive customers to take action and increase customer loyalty are:

  1. Weekly/Monthly Deals
  2. Referral Promotions/Programs
  3. First Purchasers Offers
  4. Minimum Purchase Discount
  5. Limited Use Offers

4- Use offers to target different audiences

GetintheLoop allows you to have five offers live at a time – the businesses that see a lot of success are the ones that utilize this. Having a variety of offers like the ones stated above in point #3 can aid in making sure that all target audiences are hit.

5- Update your Offers on GetintheLoop

Make sure that all your offers on GetintheLoop are current and up-to-date. Offers that are posted on the platform that are no longer relevant can generate a bad member experience. Switching one to two offers up can also re-engage potential customers and bring them back to your business to experience something new.

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