Tips & Tricks for Creating an Offer

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The most important purpose an offer serves is that it sets your business apart from competitors by showcasing what makes you unique. GetintheLoop allows you to easily craft, schedule, and manage five offers in real time, while providing you with key insights. Creating compelling offers drives GetintheLoop members to learn what makes your business unique and to take to action to purchase.  Here are few tips on how to utilize GetintheLoop by creating compelling offers.

Define Your Offer

Before you start crafting your offers, it is important to define what you are creating. Offers can showcase your brand and should motivate potential customers to act. How you define your offer is entirely up to you.

First, it is important to let customers know if your offer is a discount or sale, an experience, or an upcoming event. Don’t make potential customers guess or assume anything about your offer. Offers can be lost in translation if not properly articulated and defined.

Secondly, is your offer exclusive, non-exclusive, or limited use.

  • Limited Use offers create urgency for potential customers to act quickly so they don’t miss out. Limited Use offers have a built in timer that counts down in real time to tell potential customers what is left. This feature is great for offers that are strong, to drive customers directly to your business.
  • Exclusive offers typically drive high engagement, letting customers know they will have to mention and use the GetintheLoop offer to redeem.
  • Non-exclusive offers are a great way to highlight your ongoing promotions. GetintheLoop gives your offers a new audience, why not showcase your best offers, the ones you know drive traffic to your business.

Defining your offers will help members better understand the requirements for taking action to purchase, book, or order.

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Clear & Concise Message

Once your offer is defined, the next step is to make sure your message is clear and concise, making it easy for members to understand. One limitation that stops a potential customer from taking further action on an offer, is not being able to understand what is the offer is or what is required to redeem. Eliminate this with a strong image, title, description and terms & conditions.

  • Image: Your image will be the most important factor as it is the first point of contact with a potential customer. Having an image that is clean, crisp and that captures your offer will resonate with a potential customer.
  • Title: The title is the second point of contact. You have a few words to create a call to action – why they should click through to learn more and engage with your offer. Your offer title should be front loaded. Express exactly what the offer is to engage with potential customers. For example:
    • BOGO 50%,
    • Tasting Experience – $3/per,
    • Brewery Tap Takeover – July 25th
  • Description: Now that you’ve caught a potential customers interest, excite them with a description. Your description should make them picture redeeming the offer while re-stating what your offer is. For example:
    • Have a love for old school gaming systems and great beer? Grab a friend or a few and come enjoy our gaming lounge. It features unlimited classic nintendo and sega games for $10/per hour and when you book it, you receive happy hour beer pricing!
  • Terms & Conditions: Finally make sure to include any information regarding steps to redeem, days/hours, quantities, etc. This will help set expectations. The potential customer will be ready to abide by the offer and won’t be surprised when they redeem. For example:
    • Valid for groups or 3 or more,
    • Event is July 25th at 5 pm,
    • Happy hour is between 3 to 5 pm,
    • Valid with select brands.

Seamless Redemption

One factor to a seamless redemption or purchase is to make sure the call to action on the offer does what you want. Your offer can send customers online, to make a call or to visit in-person. GetintheLoop can handle them all. Is your offer compelling members to learn more, visit your location, sign-up for your newsletter, order online, or call for a reservation? The chosen call to action will the transition the potential customer to a customer in a very smooth process.

  • Online: For an offer that drives potential customers to redeem online, you can select the appropriate label to drive the customer to the landing page of your choice. Labels include Order Online, Book Online, Buy Online, and Learn More.
  • By Phone: Do you require the customer to make an appointment or perhaps your business does not have online booking/purchasing? You can direct members to call you to redeem your offer. Labels include Call to Book, Call to Order, and Call for Info.
  • In Person: Is the offer compelling people to physically visit your location to redeem? The best labels include Redeem or Use Now.

Your GetintheLoop Analytics

GetintheLoop provides with you with key insights on your offers. You have access at anytime to these insights on your Dashboard. Utilizing these insights will help you craft a better offer. The statistics on the Dashboard give you information on your total Reach, Response and Actions as well as gender & age Demographics. With this information you can see who your offers are reaching, how they are being interacted with, and ultimately leading to an action. You can filter by ‘All Time’, ’90 Days’, ’60 Days’, ’30 Days’, and ‘7 Days’.

  • Reach: The number of times the offer or business was seen in the app, in emails, or in notifications.
  • Response – The number of times a member responded by liking, sharing, or viewing the offer or business details.
  • Action – The actions taken to redeem an offer, visit the website, call the business or visit in person.
  • Demographics: Provides a demographic breakdown per feature highlighting age and gender. This helps the business see who the offer is reaching.

Using this information will increase the success of your offers. You can manage the offers in real time, targeting the offer to appeal to the demographic you want and see who are engaging to actually taking action.

Make the most out of your offer

GetintheLoop provides the tools to showcase your business in the way you want it to be seen and when you want them to see it. Utilizing the hints & tips provided will help you create compelling offers. You want customers to take action on your offer – creating something that resonates with a potential customer creates the urge to act.

If you ever have any questions or want to learn more on how to create successful and compelling offers, contact

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