Community Partnership Program

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If you’ve known us for a while, you’re probably aware that we are passionate about supporting local business. We believe local businesses are the heartbeat of any thriving community as they employ local residents, pay local taxes, and often support local charities. Today, they need our support more than ever.

While the current physical distancing policies have had a positive effect on flattening the curve, the measures have been wreaking havoc on small businesses in communities everywhere.  Federal and provincial governments have been helping with financial aid and other resources, and many local organizations and municipalities are asking what they can do at the local level too.

Many small businesses have struggled to adapt to digital marketing, especially during this time. They are now faced with the challenge of getting their message in front of people, which is compounded if they don’t have a strong website, email database, or social media presence.

With changed business hours, business model pivots, and whether a business is even open, often at question, it’s not just a small business problem. It’s a community problem. This is why we launched the Community Partnership Program for Municipalities, Regional Districts, Chambers of Commerce, BIAs, Downtown Associations, Tourism organizations, and Economic Development Commissions.

The Greater Vernon Chamber of Commerce was one of the first organizations to launch a support program in Canada. Dan Proulx, membership coordinator noted ”Our business community needed support fast, not only just promotion, but ways that we could dynamically help them reach consumers that were at home, but still needed local services.  Partnering with GetintheLoop was the right solution at the right time for our community”.

GetintheLoop’s technology was created to help local businesses communicate and promote their products and services to their local community. Through partnerships with local governments and business-first organizations, we’re able to open our platform and connect entire business communities to those who want to think local and stay connected.

Teri James, Executive Director of the Downtown Langley Business Association said, “Our downtown is home to over 500 unique shops, services and restaurants. With these challenging market conditions, we are seeking innovative ways to support our downtown Langley businesses while providing them real solutions which can impact their business today.  GetintheLoop’s mobile offers technology, paired with our knowledge and experience of the local community can quickly help our businesses who are trying to adapt during this time.”

The Downtown Langley Business Association and Greater Vernon Chambers of Commerce are among the first of 10 other business-first organizations across the country that have agreed to help their members access GetintheLoop so far. Similar partnerships have been inked with organizations in Regina SK, Westshore BC, Leduc and Lethbridge AB, Windsor, Vaughan, and North York ON.

Like many businesses, GetintheLoop is going through major changes to adapt to market conditions. Helping to connect communities during this difficult time, through these partnerships, ensures that we can be there for local businesses in the future. It’s an exciting opportunity to align ourselves with so many business-focused groups in communities across the country and together, we can leverage the latest in mobile technology and community infrastructure to help businesses survive through these challenging days and be prepared to thrive in the future.

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