7 Ways to Promote Your Punch Card Loyalty Program

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GetintheLoop’s new digital punch cards enable businesses to create an effective loyalty rewards program within minutes. Once you have created your punch card loyalty offer, you’ll want to optimize your program by promoting it to both current and future customers. Here are 7 ways to boost your GetintheLoop loyalty rewards program for success.


1. Turn Your Employees Into Loyalty Rewards ambassadors

Go beyond the basics of training everyone on your team by making sure everyone understands how important it is to grow your loyalty program. The more people who sign up, the more repeat business you can drive.

When you launch your program be sure to ask your customers to join with every sale that is made. 

Whenever you need to focus on growing your program consider running an enrolment drive where you incentive staff for hitting the sign-up goals. 

2. In-store Signage

A simple sign near the checkout that says, “Ask about our punch card rewards program” is essentially table stakes when it comes to promoting your loyalty program, but is often overlooked.

You might want to feature something exciting your customers can earn through your program as a part of a display at the till, and in its section of your store as a way of creating more interest.

3. Celebrate Your Loyal Customers

When a customer redeems a reward at your business, ask if you can take their picture for your “Loyal Customer Wall of Fame”. Have fun with the picture, and if it makes sense, have them show off what they’ve received as their reward.

Another variation on this might be a ‘customer of the week’ where you display a framed picture of your chosen customer. Consider adding a caption that piques your customer’s interest like, “Want to smile like Shari? Ask about our rewards program” as a way to continually promote your loyalty rewards offer.

4. Promote Your Loyalty Program on Social Media

Of course, images of your happy customers make for terrific social media content too, and by linking to your offer in GetintheLoop, it is another way to build your loyalty program.

Research shows 59 percent of consumers are more likely to sign up for a loyalty program that has a smartphone app, and you can encourage customers to download your offer and the GetintheLoop app on your social media channels.

5. Website

You may want to create an entire page devoted to your loyalty rewards program, or it may make more sense to promote it as a part of existing pages. Either way, it is always beneficial when you can mirror your in-store experience and promote your loyalty rewards program on your website.

6. Email Database

If you have a customer database, email is a perfect medium to promote your loyalty rewards program. Dedicate an email to kick off the program, and be sure to link to your offer, then include reminders as a part of your ongoing email strategy.

7. Create a Partnership

Why not collaborate with a nearby or complimentary business and level up together?

As an example, a flower shop and a chocolatier could collaborate with the florist creating a punch card offer by which the purchase of 5 bouquets could be rewarded with a small box of chocolates that could be redeemed at the chocolate shop. At the same time, the chocolatier could help drive traffic back to the florist by creating an offer where the purchase of 5 boxes of chocolate could be rewarded with a bouquet of flowers. 

Alternatively, you could offer a percentage off reward that is redeemable at your store once it’s been earned. 

8. Bonus: GetintheLoop

GetintheLoop members discover punch card offers and are continually reminded of how they can earn rewards by shopping locally with punch cards in their city through the ‘offer feed’ in GetintheLoop.

GetintheLoop is a potent combination of a loyalty rewards system that enables businesses to create, manage, measure punch card offers while powering its growth by connecting your business to our shop local community and audience.

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