7 ways GetintheLoop’s Punch Card program is better than traditional punch cards

March 1st, 2021 Posted by resources No Comment yet

Punch card programs help local businesses build customer loyalty by rewarding repeat visits. The only problem is, traditional paper punch cards are outdated and don’t match the ways consumers behave or shop today. 

The phone has become central to the shopping experience, before, during, and after a purchase is made and here are 7 ways GetintheLoop’s digital Punch Card is better than paper punch cards.

1. Create a better customer experience Since people always have their phones with them, your customers now have an easy way to keep track, manage, and remember your punch card. GetintheLoop’s punch card saves your customers from the hassle and frustration of losing or forgetting their punch card while you save on the cost of replacing lost and completed cards. 

2. Easier to set up and changeUnlike a paper punch card, GetintheLoop’s digital punch card enables you to launch your own loyalty program within minutes and easily make changes.  

3. Audience included The punch card of the past was just a tool. GetintheLoop’s punch card is the new, improved digital tool that comes connected to an audience of local consumers who want to support local businesses. 

4. Reminders and re-engagementCustomers that do not habitually use your punch card can easily forget about your program, and with most punch cards being stored in a purse or wallet, there is no easy way to be reminded. Your customer’s punch card that is in progress will continue to appear in GetintheLoop’s offer stream, stimulating repeat usage. 

5. Measurable Paper punch cards are difficult and time consuming for businesses to measure. Your Partner dashboard shows you how many punch card participants are in your program, the number of punch qualifying purchases, and how many incentives rewarded, giving you a clear line of sight to the performance and ROI of your punch card program.

6. Rewards requiring greater securityA paper system can be easily cheated, limiting the value of goods and services typically offered through a traditional punch card. GetintheLoop’s digital punch cards provide a secure validation system using location services and/or pin codes, opening the potential for deploying punch cards across a greater range of products and services.

7. Safe GetintheLoop’s punch card is contactless, making the experience safe for your customers.

Creating a digital Punch Card program with GetintheLoop will build loyalty and repeat purchases and remind customers of your business. Major industry trends like the rise of buying online, curbside pick-up, and delivery combined with a digital solution also open new potential applications for a punch card strategy. Let’s chat about how we can help grow your business with a digital Punch Card program on GetintheLoop!

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