6 Digital Platforms Your Business Should Add to its Toolbox

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GetintheLoop is riding the digital wave. We created Canada’s leading mobile offers platform to provide businesses with the ultimate digital marketing solution. It makes sense that we would also embrace the use of digital technology in our own workplace.

More and more digital tools to solve business problems or take your business to the next level are available than ever before. Our headquarters team uses numerous digital tools to organize our projects, create marketing materials, reach our target audiences and communicate with our fellow team members.

Here are six digital tools GetintheLoop uses that your business may find value in:

1) Sprout

It can be difficult to effectively manage multiple social media accounts. By using Sprout’s social media management software, businesses can access all their accounts in one place and create content, schedule out posts, view analytics and interact with their audiences. Multiple team members can access the software, which leads to better collaboration. Sprout stands out in the market due to its user-friendly design: each social account is easily accessible from the top navigation pane. Users can also conveniently view analytics without having to download a report.

2) Canva

It’s important for your company to have a professional look. Canva is a simplified graphic-design tool website that allows companies to create visually appealing designs by utilizing a drag-and-drop format and accessing a wide variety of photos, images, graphics and fonts. It’s a great fit for entrepreneurs with no design background, but can also be utilized by professionals who are looking to operate more efficiently. Companies can ensure consistency in their design through Canva by creating brand kits and saving templates in folders.

3) Mailchimp

Email marketing campaigns are effective ways to reach potential customers and engage existing ones. Storing contact lists on spreadsheets and manually sending out emails isn’t practical when managing multiple campaigns. Mailchimp gives businesses the ability to manage all aspects of their email campaigns. Businesses can maintain multiple contact lists and create professional looking emails with a drag-and-drop software and image bank. Mailchimp provides advice on the best time to distribute emails, while the analytics function allows businesses to monitor important stats including the open and click rates.

4) G-Suite

It’s important for companies to be able to collaborate digitally and G-Suite makes this process easier for businesses. Team members can connect via Gmail and stay on top of each other’s schedules with Google Calendar. They can create everything from docs to spreadsheets and effortlessly share them with fellow employees. G-Suite allows team members to share large files amongst each other through Google Drive and businesses also have the ability to manage users, devices, and data securely and easily.

5) Slack

The traditional means of workplace communication aren’t effective in today’s digital society, as more employees are working remotely or may not have a traditional office space. Slack is a cloud-based proprietary instant messaging platform that allows team members to message each other in real-time and share files. Businesses create channels with various categories so the appropriate team members can have a digital conversation. Slack enables team members to communicate without breaking up the flow of their work. There is also a comprehensive search function to browse through old threads.

6) Monday

It can be difficult for a company to manage the many projects it has on the go and assign tasks to employees, especially if it’s relying on an old-fashioned method such as a whiteboard. Monday.com is a team management web and mobile application that makes project management a digital process. Businesses can create sections for each project, select a due date, assign team members to a project and keep track of the progress. Team members can collaborate by having digital conversations about projects and accessing files, briefs, checklists and sheets in one place.

In addition to these digital tools, your business will find value in signing on to GetintheLoop to reach mobile customers. 

GetintheLoop business partners can market their unique products, services and experiences to the smartphones of customers. The user-friendly platform allows businesses to effortlessly create new offers on the platform, edit or replace offers and view analytics to see how their offers are performing.

Studies have shown that 95 percent of smartphone owners use their mobile device to search for information on local businesses. Members loves using GetintheLoop because it’s an all-in-one shopping app that contains offers from a wide variety of retailers in their communities.

Add value to your business’ digital marketing efforts by signing onto GetintheLoop. Learn more about the benefit of joining the platform.


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