Create a Website in 5 Easy Steps for Only $10/month

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It’s 2018. Not having a website is so 2017. There’s certainly no excuse with the many low cost website creation tools available. While it may seem daunting at first, it really isn’t.  Follow these few steps to get a business website up and running within a few hours!

Step 1

Decide which website building platform works best. There are several low cost or free options available like, or They’re  especially good for small businesses because most have mobile responsive design built into the platform, so the website will look great on desktop or mobile alike. Using Weebly an example:

Weebly’s starter plan is free (but they will add “Weebly” into the website name).

The paid plans start at $10/month and remove all Weebly ads and the Weebly name from the website name. It also includes $20 toward the purchase of a website name.

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Step 2

Research possible website names (referred to as a domain name) and buy the preferred name if available. The domain name could be the business name, but if it’s already taken, think of other options.


A florist is called “Flowers for You”. The owner, Sarah, decides she needs a website, but she doesn’t have the money to pay someone else to do it for her. She goes to and signs up for the $10/month plan. She then searches for a website name, finding that her first choice is already taken.

Sarah decides to add a geographical identifier to the name (in this case the city of Vernon where her business is located), and searches again. The domain name is now available!

Sarah uses her $20 credit from Weebly to purchase the domain name, and she’s ready to get started!

Step 3

Start creating a website! These tools are very intuitive and easy to use, mainly implementing a drag and drop system for placing elements onto the page. A website can start as just one page that simply says what the business is, where it’s located, and contact details or other key pieces of information customers will be looking for. As confidence in website building grows more pages can be added.

The example below shows how the Weebly interface looks with the drag and drop elements that can be added to the left. After playing around with the tool for a bit it becomes really easy to use!

Step 4

Publish the website! It will now appear online when you type in that domain name.

Step 5

Submit the site to Google HERE to increase the chances of it getting found sooner:

Boom! You have successfully created a website from scratch. Add that to your list of skills! With a website you can now work on getting more visible in search engines.

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