3 ways to use GetintheLoop to grow your business

June 12th, 2020 Posted by resources No Comment yet

If you’re wary about the idea of discounting your business’s products or services, you’re not alone. While it’s true one of the reasons our members love GetintheLoop so much is the chance to save a few dollars, there are many different ways to create offers to generate interest and sales on GetintheLoop, without cutting prices. 

GetintheLoop is a platform that helps small businesses connect with consumers who want to shop locally first. We connect our business partners to our members through “offers” on GetintheLoop’s mobile app and marketing system. 

Offers on GetintheLoop are a simplified way to communicate incentives, events, and even timely information about your business.


1. Incentives

Incentives aren’t always a percentage off. Discounting can be a great way to speed up your inventory turn, increase customer purchase frequency, drive secondary purchases, and attract new customers but there are other ways to use GetintheLoop to increase sales. 

Even the biggest international luxury brands like Versace and Prada create offer promotions, you’ll see these usually as a gift with purchase or product bundle. Here are some other creative examples of incentives that drive revenue.

Free dessert with purchase of $50 or more:

Free Shipping with purchase online purchases has also been a popular way to structure offers:


2. Timely Business Information

The pandemic has changed what information small businesses need to communicate with their customers and how. GetintheLoop has evolved with the times to help businesses communicate that they’re open and offering contact-less pick-up and delivery options with our Delivery and Pick-up Loop. Another way that GetintheLoop helps to connect consumers with the businesses they love. 


3. Events

As the economy begins to restart and as provincial health ministries loosen regulations around gathering, more and more businesses will be looking to create events again to boost sales. Whether it’s a tap take over, a trunk sale, or a VIP shopping experience, our members turn to GetintheLoop when they are looking for something to do. 

This Farmer’s market found a smart way to share the spotlight with all of their vendors while incentivizing multiple purchases:

The GetintheLoop Local Owner in your community and our Partner Success Team is always available to help you find a creative idea, give you performance insights, and lend a hand when it comes to creating offers and your success.

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