Top 10 Happy Hours in Vancouver

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Ahhhhh Vancouver. There is no better city in the world in the Summertime, and there is no better way to enjoy the culture and excitement of Vancouver then checking out their growing number happy hours. Vancouver has really become quite the epicentre for good restaurants and bars, however, there has been quite a growth in the cocktail culture as of late and Vancouver has embraced this whole heartedly. A lot of places are using a happy hour to attract customers and showcase popular menu items.

Here are some of the top choices in Vancouver when it comes to happy hours in different areas of Vancouver such as Gastown, Mount Pleasant, East side and Main Street to name a few.

  1. Coast Restaurant –  A personal favourite, Coast is part of the glowbal group and can be cited as being one of the top dining experiences in the city. With draft beer, wines, highballs, sangria and Caesars all for $5, you don’t want to miss checking out all Coast has to offer.
    1054 Alberni Street, Daily 2:30- 5:30 pm
  2. Colony Bar – One of Main Streets top spots, Colony never disappoints the palette (or the wallet). With lagers and pale ale on for $3, wine and highballs for $4, you’ll never leave thirsty from here. Get the deal at Main St. or Kits.
    2904 Main Street, Mon-Fri 3-6pm 
  3. Belgard Kitchen – A fantastic spot off Railway Avenue, that has the ability to refill growlers after you enjoy a few pints of Postmark beer! With food specials ranging from $7-9 and daily wine selections and Postmark beer for $5, you definitely need to head over to Gastown to check this one out!
    55 Dunlevy Avenue, Mon-Thurs 3-6pm
  4. La Pentola – Any excuse to head over to Davie Street is a good one. While you’re there, check out this gem. They have daily food specials and wine for $5 each, draft beer for $4 and negroni for $6 a glass that will be a great way to finish off your evening.
    350 Davie Street, Daily 9pm -late
  5. Hapa Izakaya – Some of the best of Yaletown’s cuisine can be found at Hapa. With food specials ranging from $3.50 – $6.50, draft beer for $4 and wine for $5 a glass, it’s a must see!
    1193 Hamilton Street, Daily 5 -6pm, plus 9pm-close (Sun- Thurs)
  6. The Brighton – One of the East sides/Mount Pleasant’s treasures! Lonetree cider, Dirty girl pilsner, house wine and select highballs are all $3.50 each.
    2471 East Hastings Street, Daily 3 – 8pm 
  7. Beach Bay Cafe & Patio – the name says it all, located on Denman it’s the perfect way to enjoy English Bay. Beer, wine and highballs are $5 each, mulled wine for $8 and food specials for $10-$13.
  8. Pourhouse – One of Gastown’s trendiest spots, with a happy hour menu that debuted at the end of 2016. Every day you can try your hand at some negroni or wine for $8 each, draught beer for $5 and all plates and burgers 50% off!
    162 Water Street, Daily 5 -6pm
  9. Buckstop – Try out one of Denman’s most charismatic spots and enjoy special happy hour food items, $3 beer, $4 highballs and $5 beer pints and wine.
    833 Denman Street, 4:30 – 6pm (Mon – Fri)
  10. The Cascade – Main street is lucky to have this restaurant to add to their arsenal. Draught beer and wine for $5 each; $6 cocktails; Jack Daniels shots $4-$7; beer and a shot $8; snacks $4 -$8; banger and a beer $8, burger and beer $15.
    2616 Main Street, Daily 3 -6pm

Did we miss your favourite? Share your favourite patio or happy hour hot spots with us, we are always interested to find the latest hidden gem in Vancouver. Find us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. 

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