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Media Release: Award Winning Marketing Service Launches in Victoria

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GetintheLoop-App-VictoriaFebruary 3, 2015 Kelowna’s award winning Offers Platform, GetintheLoop, has announced March 1st as their launch date in Victoria, BC. The start-up mobile marketing company and Business Excellence award winner for Marketer of the Year, is successfully offering deals via their mobile app and email services in Kelowna, Kamloops, Prince George, Calgary and Brandon. A company that began by using text messages to share golf deals, has blossomed into one of Western Canada’s fastest growing tech apps and email services. GetintheLoop now connects tens of thousands of members to high quality, live deals in 5 cities with Victoria to be the 6th.

On The Launch – CEO, Matt Crowell “It’s an exciting city for us! We believe our increasing success will be much like our home city of Kelowna. Victoria is a beautiful, vibrant city with hundreds of outstanding businesses and a large population of loyal locals who can experience the mutual benefits of the GetintheLoop community.”

Why should Victoria be excited about GetintheLoop? GetintheLoop creates a win-win-win business model to help university students, WHL hockey fans, and regular entertainment and dinning enthusiasts save money at the best businesses for FREE!

Loop members can save money at premium golf courses, restaurants, resorts, spas, sports stadiums and more. All this is done on their phone, instantly – no pre purchasing or printing coupons required! For the business community, GetintheLoop is a marketing tool and instant Offer Platform that allows them to connect with locals and tourists to fill tables, book empty tee times and sell excess inventory at the right time for their business’ needs.

GetintheLoop is looking to enter Victoria with a bang, partnering with the WHL’s Victoria Royals, local Universities and a network of quality businesses. If you or your business would like to learn more about GetintheLoop and their introductory pricing rates for businesses within Victoria, please visit

Twitter: @Getintheloopca

Sarah Gerber
Marketing & Communications
Phone: (604) 803 3209

Update: Giving Back – GetintheLoop Style

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At GetintheLoop, we’re passionate about giving back to the local community and helping others. Mitch Carefoot has the latest about how GetintheLoop is making a difference.

I was raised in a family that always gave back to the community, whether it was through donations or volunteering time, this was a big part of my parents lives.  I inherited their passion for helping others and am now happy to say we found a way to incorporate that assistance into our GetintheLoop business model.

For Matt Crowell, helping community groups raise money has always been a primary goal for him too. “I remember all of the bottle drives we did as kids to raise money for out-of-town hockey tournaments and such. Even then I remember thinking that there has to be a better way,” he said.

We incorporated a social platform for fundraising that we consider better and easier, the use of social media and emails allows for groups to raise money without walking outside in the -40 winter weather.

The fundraising program is simple: each group receives customized marketing materials for websites, emails, and social media, all with unique tracking capabilities. When someone purchases a GetintheLoop membership, the association receives 25% of the purchase price. With memberships starting at $29.00, each purchase nets a minimum $7.25.

When we were growing up we did not have the opportunity to leverage social media, but now that it is widely-available we want to our fundraising program to be fully integrated.

What’s encouraging for Matt and I is that some of our business partners are helping sell memberships and donating the proceeds to charity too. Check out a few of the groups we are currently helping raise money for in Brandon:

Pawsitive Communities – A mobile pet care program aimed at providing veterinary care and promoting education and awareness for pet ownership. I applaud Farran Munn and Devon LeBlanc, the founders, for stepping up to make a difference in animals lives and I wanted to help with their efforts in any way possible.

Brandon Humane Society –  I was shocked to learn that the BHS does not receive any government funding. They have such a huge impact on animal welfare and it’s a cause I hope everyone will contribute to so that the BHS can continue their work.

Beckham –  It doesn’t get any more touching than Beckham’s story. At 3 months old he contracted a serious heart virus that has him and his family battling through trying times. He is happy at the moment with a long road of battles ahead of him. Read more about Beckham by clicking here.

Westman Dreams for Kids – Pizza Express wants to donate membership proceeds to this well-established organization; one whose efforts are devoted to giving kids in the Westman Area something to smile about.

Funds for Furry Friends – A few of our Partner’s have choose this group to donate their membership proceeds to. They are a foster home based rescue, which means their adoptable animals are in the care of loving foster families who provide shelter in a home environment, until forever homes are found. Check out Boston Pizza’s landing page too.

KidSport-Westman – I was blessed with the opportunity to play sports growing up. This organization believes that no kid should be left on the sidelines and that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the positive benefits of organized sports.  I agree!  Do you?

If you know of an organization looking to raise money, please let us know how we can help.

Update: 2 New Loops

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We are excited to announce GetintheLoop will be adding 2 new Loops in Kelowna this spring.  When our new site goes live in a couple of weeks locals will have an opportunity to purchase a Golf Loop, Restaurant Loop and a Staycation Loop membership. As our new partner list continues to grow, I can promise, you’re going to want all 3.

New to GetintheLoop and wondering what a Loop is ? – Good question, a Loop is a variety of companies we think appeal to similar interests. We group them so you only receive discounts from the companies you love the most.

Just like the Golf Loop our focus will be providing our members great discounts at the most premier locations in their city. You can expect to see some great companies (Partners) in the two new Loops. I wish I could tell you who now, but what would be the fun in that, plus we are still selecting who is a great fit for our members. Got some suggestions? Let us know on our Facebook, help us build the GetintheLoop community for you!

Our Restaurant Loop will offer our members great discounts for breakfast, lunch and dinner at some of the nicest restaurants and pubs in Kelowna.  Like our Golf discounts, you can expect creativity, a wide variety of partners and deep savings that encourage you to get out and enjoy your self with friends and family.

Our Staycation Loop is something we at GetintheLoop are really excited about; the options are unlimited, especially here in the Okanagan. You can expect a wide range of exclusive savings at premium resorts, spas, salons and much more. If you can think of something that sounds like a quick “Staycation” connect with us on our social media, I would love to hear your input.

Thank you to all our past years Members and Partners for their support of the program early on. It is your love for our concept that has given us the opportunity to expand into other Loops and offer premium discounts beyond just golf.  You can expect to hear a lot more from me soon, I still have to update you on our new membership features and of course announce our full new partner list. The fun is just getting started, check back soon.