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Meet Rebecca, owner, operator and beloved kickboxing teacher at Skillz Nanaimo. After celebrating a recent Grand Re-Opening, Rebecca wants the Nanaimo community to know that kickboxing is more than just punches and kicks. Based on the 5 fundamental pillars: 1. Environment 2. Character of Education 3. Family 4. Respect and 5. Quality Results; Rebecca believes that kickboxing provides both physical and mental benefits.

Continue reading below and find out how you’ll experiences life-changing classes in self defence, fitness and weight loss while living a more focused confident life by.

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Tell us about Skillz Nanaimo Martial Arts!

Skillz Nanaimo is an Adult Fitness Kickboxing and Kids Martial Arts school. We pride ourselves on being partnered with Skillz International to deliver age specific Martial Arts to children 3-14.  We are the only Physical literacy program based on Martial Arts in Nanaimo. Our HIIT Fitness Kickboxing is bar none the best in the city. All of our instructors are Fitness Kickboxing certified and the energy pumped out in the 22 classes a week is contagious.


What inspired you to open Skillz?

I worked as an employee here for 2 1/2 year before deciding to buy it. I was so proud of the impact on the community I wanted to be more involved.


If you could name one thing you love most about Skillz, what would it be?


I love the community. The Skillz Family is like no other, we are very involved in the community and love to see the health and fitness of our members change in such a positive way. 


If you could highlight another company in Nanaimo who would it be?

DISH is a fantastic meal prep company owned and operated by Darcy Mcbride – a young Nanaimo entrepreneur. He partners with us for food prep for our Transformation students by provided pre-portioned, healthy, great quality meals for people on the go.


What does a typical day look like for you?

My day starts at 6am where I get the pleasure of enjoying a coffee by myself or with my husband before the kids get up at 7am. We get ready for school and work together and then we are out the door by 8:30am. I arrive at the studio at 9am, missing our first kickboxing class at 6:15am. I start my office day by responding to emails and then I teach kickboxing at 10:30am and continue between office work and teaching all day. I always make it home to be with my children after school where we work on homework, snack, and get ready to come back for their Skillz Extreme class.  I continue to work into the evening and we all go home enjoy dinner, finish homework, shower and get into bed, only to do it all again! It’s a busy life and I love it.


What’s one thing you are most proud of at Skillz?

I am most proud of my staff and students. They are always looking to better themselves and always willing to lend a hand. Learning and growing in a positive way is a way of life here at Skillz. We hope to share our passion for Martial Arts and Fitness with all new-comers and ignite the passion again for all the athletes out there.


What are your hours and contact information?

Address: 109 Finlayson St | Contact: (250) 591-0444 | Facebook | Website
Mondays and Wednesday we open at 6am. I’m in the office Monday-Thursday at 9am.  Friday we are open at 12noon and Saturdays open at 9am. We close at 9pm monday-thursday, close 7:30pm Friday night and close at 2pm Saturdays. 


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