Mission Park Shopping Centre and GetintheLoop

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Mission Park Shopping Centre and GetintheLoop have partnered up to bring real time retail offers to life in Kelowna’s lower mission shopping district!

We are excited to announce the early success of the Mission Park Loop here in Kelowna. GetintheLoop has partnered with Callahan Property Group to ignite the shopping centres retailers by giving them access to the GetintheLoop platform and our 30,000+ Okanagan members.

GetintheLoop has burst onto the scene by drastically changing the advertising landscape for businesses of all sizes. Very different from traditional mediums of advertising, GetintheLoop created a mobile app that provides extensive benefits to consumers for FREE. These consumers have registered to receive customized offers based on their interests.  Consumers can sort focusing on retail, shopping, restaurants, home & auto, outdoor activities and now a Loop of its own – Mission Park Shopping Centre.

What makes the Mission Park Loop so exciting?

“It really comes down to the change that is happening in marketing today. Consumers want information fast, they want control of it and of course, they want it on their phone. The team at Callahan Property Group recognized this and has provided GetintheLoop access to their retailers to continue to drive traffic.” – Matt Crowell, CEO


Mission Park Shopping Centre is a win-win for businesses and consumers! Businesses can collaborate and work together to drive more traffic to the centre by having strength in numbers and giving more reasons for consumers to visit. Consumers are winning with great offers from a variety of different businesses and retailers are benefitting one another by driving more traffic and local spend at their centre.

The Mission Park Loop features dozens of offers from a variety of retailers and its all in the palm of the Loop Members hands. They can quickly find offers they want to use, show up and get the offers right on the spot without any pre purchasing. Check out what some of the retailers have to say about it:


“We are having positive feedback with the GetintheLoop app; we see it being used in our restaurant and grocery shop” – Scott Nazurak, General Manager of Urban Fare.


“GetintheLoop has been amazing! Not only is it super easy to use, the staff at GetintheLoop are wonderful and so quick to answer any questions or concerns that pop up; we love working with them! We have had a lot of traffic from people new to Kelowna, or others that don’t get into the Mission lots, that are coming into Frakas for the first time because of this app!” – Darcy, Assistant Manager Frakas

“We get quite a few customers coming in and using it. The most consistent one has been the buy one Blizzard  get the next one for 99 cents; customers are saying it is quick and easy when they show us their phone.” – Phil Hershfield, Owner of Dairy Queen

Callahan Property Group and the team from Mission Park Shopping Centre have decided to ignite a change in the way they help attract more traffic for their retailers. You can expect to see more and more of this progressive thinking and innovative marketing to follow from other major retailers in the future!

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