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Kitsch Wines is known as a true gem of the Okanagan. What says Kelowna more than traditional roots, amazing wines, and stunning views? This is Kitsch Wines in a nutshell. Founders Ria and Trent Kitsch combine creative entrepreneurship with a passion for sustainably grown wines to create one of the best wineries (and experiences) in the Okanagan Valley.

Award-winning wine maker and grower Grant Biggs rounds out the team. He has travelled wide and far to bring the best techniques to the Okanagan Valley. With an obsession for winemaking, growing, and drinking, Grant consistently shows he is one of the best young viticulturists around.

GetintheLoop recently had the chance to sit down with Ria Kitsch. Her infectious energy and obvious passion for both Kelowna and remarkable wines leave no doubt why Kitsch Wines is so successful. Located in East Kelowna, expect a truly memorable experience upon arrival!

Location: 3330 Neid Road, Kelowna, BC | Contact: Website, Facebook, Telephone: (778) 478-4288

What is your position at Kitsch Wines?
Co-founder alongside my husband Trent Kitsch.

Tell us about your business! What kind of Customers do you find visit Kitsch?
We do single-vineyard, small-batch wines in a youthful, yet sophisticated style. As it’s our first year, we have 3 whites (Pinot Gris, Chardonnay and Riesling) and Pinot Noir in the barrel. Our customers are open-minded individuals with refined taste and an appreciation for quality.

What inspired the opening of Kitsch Wines?
Before Kitsch Wines we had other businesses, most notably SAXX. We were inspired to start Kitsch as proud Kelownians who wanted to contribute to the culture of the valley and the micro experiences that occur around a bottle of wine. Our motto is; “the more we get together, the happier we’ll be.”

What are you most proud of at Kitsch?
We are proud of our team – we are only capable of all this with a hard-working & caring team. This was his first vintage as a winemaker and Grant Biggs did a knockout job, garnering silver for our 2015 Pinot Gris.

What is the goal/dream with Kitsch Wines?
The goal is to create quality wines that are world-class while staying true to the terroir. (Terrior – the set of all environmental factors that affect a crop’s epigenetic qualities, unique environment contexts and farming practices, when the crop is grown in a specific habitat.)

What is something most people would not know about Kitsch? Who grows the grapes?
Most people wouldn’t know that in the early stages we actually considered calling the business Women’s Rights Wines with a charitable and awareness angle – my husband and I are feminists at heart and hope to eventually contribute to this cause in a significant way. Grant Biggs not only makes the wine but he also grows the grapes, meaning he crafts the wine from grape to glass. This interconnection of jobs is hugely valuable and allows Grant to execute his vision 100%.

What does a typical day look like for you and your team?
No such thing as a typical day when you’re a small business! We all wear tons of hats and the requirements du jour can vary greatly! Generally speaking a typical day would include a shipment to one of our retail or restaurant partners, opening the tasting room to guests and tours, working in the vineyard and planning for the next year’s releases (which will include Pinot Noir and Rosé!).

What do you love most the Okanagan?
We love our friends and family and we love the landscape, views and terroir that Mother Nature has gifted us all.

Anything else you would like to highlight?
We just want people to know that they are always welcome to visit or contact us, we are all about inclusiveness and having a good time!

Wednesdays-Sundays 12pm-5pm – see map
Private Tours & Tastings by appointment –  contact them or email
Winemaker’s dinner – Sunday May 22, limited seats with an amazing wine-paired experience, please contact them

If their Tasting Room or online store doesn’t work for you, try Kitsch Wines at these other fine purveyors,


  1. BNA Brewing Co., Kelowna
  2. Krafty Kitchen, Kelowna
  3. Waterfront Wines, Kelowna

Wine Shops:

  1. Broadway Wine Shop, Vancouver
  2. Cask & Barrel, West Kelowna
  3. Legacy Liquor Store, Vancouver
  4. Public Liquor, Kelowna

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