Kemp Edmonds Joins GetintheLoop

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Finding something new and exciting can be a challenge. Whether you are planning a vacation, buying a car, or choosing where to go for dinner there are a ton of options and it can be hard to choose between more than a couple of different things.

In a world with so many options value and experience are so important to successful ventures whether personal or business. I love getting great value whether from an incredible kitchen knife that lasts for decades or a great deal on everyday essentials. I also love discovering new things. Finding that new hole in the wall before anyone else or discovering the amazing deal on a gazebo just in time for summer can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience. Some things are fulfilling for a meal others for a summer and some discoveries can fulfill for a lifetime. Just ask the person who found viking treasure in Scotland recently.

Fulfillment and value are key to being excited about what you are doing. I’ve been lucky enough to have had that experience a few times in my life. Whether teaching students about new media at BCIT in the late 2000s or helping thousands of companies make the most of a this new thing called social media to serve their customers, grow their communities, and increase revenues while at Hootsuite for five years I’ve been lucky enough to have incredible opportunities to help grow organizations that are on the crest of a wave. This is why I was so excited to join GetintheLoop.

The team is a passionate group of dedicated individuals doing whatever it takes to make the company successful. GetintheLoop has incredible business partners, members, and customers.  The founder and CEO is an extremely dedicated and inspiring leader who eats and breathes GetintheLoop day in and day out. The technology is rock solid and impressive for such a young company. Most importantly, there is a huge opportunity for GetintheLoop as a unique marketing service for businesses exposing them to new audiences and increasing transactions and loyalty.

There is so much more to come from GetintheLoop and I am excited to be able to help build on what’s been done before with an incredible team of people. I’d love to hear from our community and my door is always open. Drop me a line please! or @kempedmonds on Twitter.

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