Increasing Pizza Sales with Papa John’s Pizza

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Papa John’s, the #1 Pizza brand in the USA, opened their first Canadian store in Calgary in 2000. This summer Papa John’s partnered with GetintheLoop to bring 17 locations in British Columbia on board to sell more pizzas, particularly during off-peak times. Working with the team at GetintheLoop, Papa John’s led with strong offers including 40% off online orders.

Driving Sales and Increasing Customer Awareness

Papa John’s started with strong offers including two large four-topping pizzas for $26. Although this was a great offer the team learned that 40%, the same value as the original offer presented differently, drove stronger engagement on the GetintheLoop platform.

As a result, customers were more receptive to a great deal on any pizza order with a percentage off rather than the same great deal on a set order. By offering the deal for a limited time, the promotion created a sense of urgency among consumers and drove more customers to Papa John’s website and in-store locations.

Papa John’s is a great example of partners who created an offer that worked well for there business, and it ended up becoming a model for their offers moving forward.

Whether you’re eating in or dining out, Papa John’s is a great place to get tasty and affordable pizza for your family or friends. Check out the Papa John’s near you for all the latest offers.

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