Best Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

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Suns out, sunglasses on – Finding the right pair of sunglasses is hard so we thought we would lend a hand. Grab a mirror or your best (and honest) friend and let’s figure this out together.

First, let’s determine what shape your face is; Round, Square, Oval, Long/Rectangular, Heart/Triangle, or Diamond.

Now, only you know your style and what you like, but here are some recommendations for sunglass frames to compliment your face shape. Add a touch of colour and tint to best suit your awesome personality.

For a round facial structure, sunglasses that have sharp lines and edges will create the impression of a longer and sharper look. Try Square and/or rectangular frames!

For the folks gifted with a strong jawline, round or circular frames add balance to your summer look. Try oval and/or circular frames!

It is very likely that if you have an oval shaped face you aren’t reading this. Why? You won the sunglasses look since pretty much everything looks good on you!

Adding sunglasses with thick frames and width creates a balanced look. Try frames that are oversized, square and/or a vintage look. PS…Try to avoid small frames!

Rock those aviators! Focus on rounded edges that shift the attention lower on the face. Try frames that are round and/or with thinner frames and a wider top.

Cheeks that Nona would love to pinch – Diamond facial structures should avoid frames wider than their cheeks. Try frames that are without the rim, oval in shape or with gentle curves to compliment your cheekbones.

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