PENTICTON: Customize your Craving at Burger 55

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A recent feature in where to eat in Penticton, Burger 55 is known for being able to literally build your own burger in hundreds of thousands of ways! Starting with 8 choices of meats or veggie patties you then can choose between 5 different bun types, a selection of 10 cheeses, 10 sauces and 31 toppings ranging from grilled peach, mac & cheese, chilli, fried pickles AND drunk onions – so to the everyday standards there is something that will make you salivate.

We’re here to give you insight to what goes on behind the scenes and why you need to eat here next time you’re dining out in Penticton – AND  we have an exclusive offer for all you GetintheLoop members HERE – you’re welcome in advance!

Location: 52 Front St #84, Penticton, BC | Contact: WebsiteFacebook, Telephone: (778)-476-5529

The idea for the burger joint that is now set up in a renovated 1946 garage first came to mind when two friends where on a trip to Las Vegas and ruminating about taking the leap into entrepreneurship by starting their own Burger restaurant. After passing a 55 speed limit sign their business was born and they have since been serving up some of the best burgs in the Okanagan and gaining attention from foodies far and wide.

Not only have they had a visit from You Gotta Eat Here – A Canadian television series on the Food Network that travels the country to find the best comfort foods, they’ve also been recognized with numerous awards such as Best Of The South Okanagan, Best Burger 2010 & 2011, Best Veggie Burger 2010 & 2011; Eat Magazine Best Burger 2011; Business Of The Year 2010; Young Entrepreneurs Of The Year Winners 2011 (among many others!) and possibly our favourite is they were honoured, recognized and celebrated by Community Living BC for their contributions to building a community that accepts people of all abilities in their workplace.

“Since 2009 CLBC has presented WOW Awards to recognize British Columbians who are creating opportunities and building awareness for a vision of full citizenship for people with developmental disabilities, one where they lead good lives, have rich relationships, choices in how they live and employment opportunities.” – Burger 55 is doing just that!

The business itself is currently being ran by Thomas Bridson who works with his 15 staff to ensure everything is running smoothly throughout the busy summer months.

Beyond providing great food and having a great team he is most proud of the community contributions they are able to make because of the great community support. “We do Fundraising events with the store for a variety of different organizations and fundraise for the Jumpstart Canadian Tire program with the money going towards giving all kids a chance to play sports. We are grateful for the love the community of Penticton has showed to support us so we do our best to reciprocate.”

Thomas, like many other Okanagians, first experienced the lifestyle when his family came on a ski trip from Vancouver.  A few months later his family moved up to Penticton and Thomas later started his first job at Burger 55. Thomas then took some time to go to school at Okanagan College for finance but was pulled back to the hospitality industry and he has been with Burger 55 ever since.

“I liked school and the bank route was a career path I was hoping to take, but as an attempt to pump the break on the whole growing up thing I a took break and started working at the burger shop.  Been hilarious and a lot of fun.”

As a foodie himself, when Thomas is not working, he can be found at other local restaurant favouriteslike Tacos Del Norte, Brodo or the Patio burger.  He likes trying new local and trendy restaurants that are adventurous with food.

The GetintheLoop Team’s Favourite Burger: Burger 55 Cheeseburger is a classic on a brioch bun with ketchup, deli mustard, mayo lettuce, tomato, onion and cheddar.  On GetitheLoop you get this with fries and a pop for $7.50 (50% off!) click HERE to check it out!

Locals Favourite: Burger of the Month is always a favourite and best seller. This month it is The Peach Burger; peach and brie stuffed turkey patty on a brioche bun with roasted garlic, mayo, dijon, spinach, sprouts, tomato and onion.

Thomas’s Favourite: Diner Burger which is an old School burger, super simple, super delicious with beef on a steamed brioche bun with fried oninons, mayo, mustard, ketchup, dill pickle and a kraft single.

Of course, you can also choose from the many options and build your own masterpiece.

After chatting with the team we were also happy to hear they’ve had a good experience with GetintheLoop; “Love that it is a locally made product, which is awesome, and we are very happy with the traffic it is driving in. It is a good tool to get new products out there and as a small company we love having the flexibility to choose what we want to promote.” Support local and check Burger 55 out!

Haven’t been to Burger 55 yet? Or maybe you have – either way share your experience with us by tagging us on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter we’d love to hear about your experience, or rather, see – and if you haven’t already download the GetintheLoop app for IOS and ANDROID!

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