Hillside Centre uses GetintheLoop for Business to keep their retail partners top of mind, while providing value to their shoppers.

“GetintheLoop’s mobile marketing team has been fantastic! We were searching for a tool to attract new customers to  Hillside Centre, and most importantly support our retailers within the centre. GetintheLoop has been the perfect fit for us; brand awareness for Hillside and our retailers has increased and we’ve seen an increase in engagement from our customers.”

-Michele Paget, Marketing Director, Hillside Centre, Bentall Kennedy (Canada)

As one of Victoria’s premier shopping centres, Hillside Centre continually looks for new ways to increase retail traffic and reach today’s busy modern mobile consumers. Knowing that their shoppers are becoming more digital savvy and are inundated with advertising, Hillside Centre was looking for a better way to keep their retail partners top of mind, while providing value to their shoppers.

Hillside Centre reached out to the GetintheLoop team to better understand the mobile consumer of Greater Victoria and develop compelling offers to drive new customers to Hillside Centre’s retailers.

Within weeks, Hillside launched on GetintheLoop with its own featured category, including all of Hillside’s retailers and their exclusive offers. It’s the first thing members in the Victoria area see when they open GetintheLoop. For Hillside it was an instant success.

Hillside Centre and GetintheLoop created delight among customers with a high concentration of businesses and great offers. This enabled Hillside to cut through the clutter, resulting in strong awareness and engagement from savvy, modern, mobile consumers in the greater Victoria area. Through GetintheLoop, Hillside’s retailers’ offers were viewed over 8.6 million times, and engaged with more than 100,000 times,  resulting in over 5,000 actions!

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