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GetintheLoop helps Manitoba cafe brew up engaging mobile offers

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GetintheLoop has provided an energy boost to the local marketing efforts of Café Trocadero in Dauphin, MB. Canada’s leading mobile offers platform has helped the cafe attract new customers and highlight its diverse services.

Marisa Philippe opened Café Trocadero in November 2016. Her mission was to create an inviting space where customers could enjoy a carefully sourced cup of premium Canadian coffee or tea, paired with a freshly baked pastry with a French flair. Setting up shop in a medical clinic close to a hospital ensured a steady flow of medical professionals and employees early on.

It wasn’t long, however, before Philippe realized that selling coffee would only take her business so far. She unveiled a bistro that offers customers healthy and savoury breakfast and lunch items, and also added a catering component that specializes in business functions and weddings. 

Sound Bite: GetintheLoop is a “visionary” platform

When it came to advertising, Philippe discovered that while traditional radio advertising was good for brand identity building, it wasn’t as effective at helping Café Trocadero attract new clients outside the medical centre area. As soon as GetintheLoop came to Dauphin in April 2019, Philippe signed Café Trocadero on. Based on customer response, and the growth in the number of customers from all over town becoming regulars due to Trocadero’s online presence, she realized the potential mobile advertising could have for her business.

“It was a no-brainer!” Philippe said. “I just feel that mobile is the way people function today, and being online makes as big a statement as not being online. You have to be present on these dynamic, interactive platforms in order to keep your business relevant and your customers interested. I myself couldn’t wait to get the GetintheLoop app and explore the next city I visited that way. I thought it was really visionary.”

GetintheLoop has given Café Trocadero the ability to create mobile offers that provide value to customers. The cafe encourages customers to stop in for breakfast over other venues by creating offers on breakfast sandwich/coffee combos. 

Customers who bring in their own coffee mugs to the cafe get a discount; this offer has a dual benefit of saving customers money and promoting the sustainability efforts of the cafe. Café Trocadero’s focus on the catering side is to encourage repeat business. One offer the cafe has run provides a gift card to catering customers that can be used for future catering orders.

Sound Bite: Receiving great support from local owner Dale Jacobs

Café Trocadero has also utilized GetintheLoop as a tool to raise awareness about the business’ offerings. On social media, Philippe often promotes the high quality of the cafe’s food by showcasing photos of fresh creations. She said GetintheLoop is another platform for the business to make customer aware of its tasty offerings and promote specials such as seasonal treats and holiday merchandise. 

“I try to appeal to a niche in Dauphin, people who can appreciate the genuine quality we offer – where our coffee beans are from, how they are roasted and what processes are used and measures are taken to ensure it is sustainable,” Philippe said. “We put a lot of love and thought into our food and drinks and always aim to delight our customers.”

As a business partner, Café Trocadero receives support from Dauphin’s GetintheLoop Local owner, Dale Jacobs, and staff members at the company’s headquarters. Philippe said life is busy for her as a cafe owner and she’s grateful to have a quality team behind her.

“Dale’s style very much appeals to me; he’s motivating and has a very positive way of encouraging you to keep up,” Philippe said. “He has such high standards and you want to compete with his level of business capacity.” 

It’s clear that something special is brewing at Café Trocadero and Philippe is excited for her business to experience continued growth as it markets with GetintheLoop.

She thinks the potential for GetintheLoop is through the roof: “I’m sure it’s going to go very far. We certainly keep pushing the platform and we keep having people look at it.”

Take your business’ marketing efforts to the next level by signing on to GetintheLoop. Create compelling offers on products, services and experiences and reach customers right on their smartphones. Learn more about this exciting opportunity.

GetintheLoop helps local bagel bakery perfect its mobile marketing recipe

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Bubby’s New York Bagels in Toronto, Ont., is confident that customers will fall in love with the bakery’s award-winning bagels at first bite. Owners Simcha Breslow and Sruli Portowicz spent considerable time working to create the perfect bagel prior to launching their kosher bakery five years ago and later opening up a second location in the city.

By signing up with GetintheLoop in May, the business is now equally confident that it has perfected its mobile marketing recipe. Bubby’s Bagels offers customers 30 varieties of bagels, each one handcrafted and kettle boiled, and attracts new customers through great offers on GetintheLoop like free bagels.

“I really like the concept of GetintheLoop: businesses can put up offers that attract customers and bring more people to the store,” Breslow said. “You might have to entice customers into the door once or twice, but if they like what they see they’ll come back even if they have to pay full price. 

“I think it’s a great way to bring people into the business and it’s a different way of using your marketing dollar. If I was going to spend $500 on print advertising, it may not go somewhere but if I can spend $250 in in-store goods that I’m giving away to people, then I’ve actually brought them into the store.” 

Bubby’s Bagels had received many pitches for mobile marketing solutions over the years, but never found one that complemented their needs. When Breslow was approached by GetintheLoop local team member Adam Emanuel, he admittedly assumed this was just another typical pitch. But after sitting down with Emanuel for an in-depth conversation, Breslow was sold. 

“I thought the platform was very unique and interesting and I liked the fact that we could pull customers in without forcing them to buy anything,” Breslow said. “I put myself in my customer’s shoes for a minute and realized that I would use this type of an app, especially because it’s notification and geographically based. I thought that could really bring more customers to the store.”

Besides giving customers a taste of their delicious bagels, Bubby’s Bagels has used GetintheLoop to promote the other components of their business, such as its professional catering department. The business includes deals on the platform for heavily discounted party trays. 

Bubby’s Bagels also has a cafe where it serves breakfast and lunch items including bialys, sandwiches, wraps salads, pastas, pastries and poutine. It creates offers on GetintheLoop to attract the lunch crowd such as BOGO sandwich deals. 

Breslow said that quality customer service has really made Bubby’s Bagels’ GetintheLoop experience a great one. 

“It has been a real pleasure to work with Adam; he’s a hard-working kid and I like his attitude,” Breslow said. “He stays on top of me in terms of keeping my offers updated or removing things that aren’t working, which is a good thing when you’re a restaurant owner because it’s non-stop hecticness.”

With their reputation for not cutting corners and baking quality bagels, Bubby’s Bagels is a business on the rise. As Bubby’s Bagels continues to grow as a business, they view GetintheLoop as way to invest in their future by investing in their customers. 

“Even though I’m giving away free stuff on the platform, it’s a lifetime investment in the customer,” Breslow said.

“If I give somebody something for free that’s worth $10 and I give it to them three times, I just invested $30 in them in goods and it came at a cost to me of $15. That person might become a customer and spend $20,000 at my business over the course of their lifetime as just a casual, once-a-month-customer.”

GetintheLoop helps local kickboxing gym deliver a marketing knockout

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In this corner, you’ve got a gym that is helping local residents achieve a higher level of fitness through a unique kickboxing program. In the other corner, you’ve got Canada’s leading mobile marketing platform that is helping businesses connect with local consumers through great offers. 

For 9Round Fitness in Airdrie, Alberta, the decision to sign onto the GetintheLoop platform has helped their local marketing efforts go the distance. 

“We love the platform. It’s phenomenal,” said Lesley Beck, who owns 9Round alongside her husband, Aaron. “We wouldn’t have the ability to market our offers this effectively without GetintheLoop.” 

9Round, an international franchise model, offers gym goers a convenient 30-minute workout that incorporates functional, interval, cardiovascular and circuit training regimens. Flexibility is a key selling point of the gym, with new sessions beginning every three minutes. From the beginning of their franchise journey, the Becks were excited to take this model and create the ultimate gym experience for local communities.

The Becks live in Calgary, Alberta, but decided to look outside this major centre and start their first 9Round franchise in Okotoks, Alberta, three years ago. They opened up their Airdrie location six months later and then launched a gym in south Calgary after another six months had passed. 

Sound Bite: It’s great to have the GetintheLoop team in your corner


Lesley said her husband and her “love operating in smaller communities”, because members of the community support each other and are big advocates of shopping local. Their goal in operating 9Round is to create a gym that residents can call home.

“Our gyms are like the fitness version of Cheers: when somebody comes in they are greeted by name and all the members know each other,” Lesley said. “When you go to a big box gym, you might get lost in the crowd and you don’t get that one-on-one attention. 

“People feel welcomed when they come to our gym. We’re never going to have 1,000 members like a big gym; that’s not what our vision is. We’re creating an intimate experience where you know people and you see them get results.”

The Becks have embraced the opportunity to build up a local client base in the communities they operate in, but have found it difficult to reach the right people through traditional marketing efforts. For example, they have noticed that some small towns have tight regulations regarding how much advertising signage you can purchase.

After hearing about GetintheLoop through Chrissie Rozak, a local team member in Airdrie who happened to be a former 9Round member, the Becks eagerly signed their Airdrie location up in January. They have received tremendous engagement on their GetintheLoop offers since then, including 40 direct actions such as redemptions.

GetintheLoop has allowed 9Round to create great incentives to draw people into the gym and immerse them in the strong community atmosphere. While the gym typically offers free first-time workouts, GetintheLoop members can take advantage of this offer for the first week. 

Other popular offers include free boxing gloves, hand wraps and heart rate monitors to customers who sign up for 12-month term; a two-week trial for $39; and the chance to receive an additional month of training for free after signing up for two months.

Sound Bite: GetintheLoop is going the distance


“I’m not really computer savvy, but after going through the tutorial process I have found it really easy to use the platform,” Lesley said. “The team that we work with are really on top of things. They reach out to us and tell us when we need to update offers and they give us lots of ideas. 

“They make it so, so easy for me and I really think all businesses should be on board with this.”

Based on the success of GetintheLoop at their Airdrie location, the Becks are bringing the platform to their Okotoks gym and will start rolling out offers in July. Lesley envisions that it won’t be long before their Calgary franchise also becomes a GetintheLoop business partner

“We feel that this platform is going to spread like wildfire and we want to be in on it,” Lesley said. “The wave of the future is all about social media and what you can get at your fingertips.” 


Indigo Success Story

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Indigo used GetintheLoop to connect with local residents and increase attendance at their in-store children’s events.

“We started working with GetintheLoop to communicate and engage with a local audience and solve a need to drive customers to our locations. The platform has proven effective and their team has been great to work with. We are pleased to be expanding our Partnership with GetintheLoop into more cities across Canada”

-Samantha Taylor, Senior Vice President Marketing at Indigo

Founded in 1996, Indigo has grown into the largest book, gift, and specialty toy retailer in Canada. Indigo partnered with GetintheLoop to increase attendance at their in-store events for children.

Focusing on two in-store events featuring famous children’s books characters Captain Underpants, Dogman, and Clifford the Big Red Dog, Indigo wanted to use a local medium to entice families to bring their children to the store. Aimed at making reading fun, these free family events featured activities for children, a story reading, and the main character of the books in attendance.

To reach local members and drive event attendance, Getintheloop send out dedicated emails and push notifications to create awareness around each event. Having an offer on the GetintheLoop app, dedicated emails, and specifically timed push notifications ensured that the events stayed top of mind for busy local parents.

The results were clear. Using GetintheLoop as their singular promotional tool, Indigo blew expected attendance out of the water, so much that staff stopped counting guests after they surpassed 100!  Using GetintheLoop’s hyper-local advertising platform was crucial  for Indigo and resulted in exceeding expected attendance at both events and driving hundreds of in-store visits.

IGA Success Story

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IGA worked with GetintheLoop for Business to increase awareness and drive younger consumers in-store.

“We’ve found success using GetintheLoop to reach new customers with special offers. Strong offers drive in-store visits resulting in additional purchases. The app is easy for our customers and staff to use.”

– Colin Powell, Owner & Manager, IGA Penticton

IGA operates in over 30 countries and began in 1926 when 100 independent retailers organized into a single marketing system. IGA works with GetintheLoop in a number of markets, including Penticton and Summerland. Working with GetintheLoop, IGA developed offers that drove new shoppers in store without hurting their bottom line.

Often viewed as a traditional grocer by younger consumers, IGA worked with GetintheLoop to increase awareness and drive younger consumers in-store. IGA developed offers that were enticing to its target customers: 10% off grocery bill, two pizzas for $12.99 and two BBQ chickens for $14.99. Strong offers drove customers in-store where they filled their carts with additional items and increased average order value.

GetintheLoop marketed the offers through social content, app notifications and emails. Building awareness among GetintheLoop users drove them to IGA to redeem offers and make additional purchases.

Customers responded well to having deals that fit their lifestyles and aligned with what they wanted. Having an offer like 10% off your grocery bill was a great way to capture the audience and engage them with offers. IGA’s offers have been viewed more than 778,000 times; were engaged with by GetintheLoop members more than 36,000 times; and saw more than 4,400 actions since joining GetintheLoop.

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Papa John’s Success Story

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Papa John’s partnered with GetintheLoop for Business to sell more pizza during off peak times.

“A GetintheLoop account is so easy to set up and the GetintheLoop team worked with me on getting my offers up and live fast. We love the results.”

– John Stokes, General Manager, Papa John’s

Papa John’s, the #1 pizza brand in the USA, opened their first store in Calgary in 2000. Papa John’s partnered with GetintheLoop to bring 17 locations in British Columbia on board to sell more pizza, particularly during off peak times. 

Papa John’s started with attractive offers including two large four topping pizzas for $26. While this is a great offer, the team quickly learned through testing that 40% off, the same value as the original deal, drove more orders. The new offer created stronger engagement on the GetintheLoop platform and achieved better results in targeted digital advertisements to those within the delivery radius of each participating location.

GetintheLoop drove members to order Papa John’s pizza online using GetintheLoop app notifications and emails, while increasing awareness and directly generating orders from new members with specially timed advertising. Promoting before lunch and dinner time were the most effective at generating new orders.

The results were clear, customers were more receptive to a great deal on any pizza order with a percentage off rather than the same great deal on a set order. Creating a sense of urgency by offering the deal for a limited time and driving awareness at key times in the day drove conversions.

Through GetintheLoop, Papa John’s pizza offers saw more than 1,300 conversions, were engaged with more than 33,000 times and were viewed more than 2 million times.

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Hillside Success Story

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Hillside Centre uses GetintheLoop for Business to keep their retail partners top of mind, while providing value to their shoppers.

“GetintheLoop’s mobile marketing team has been fantastic! We were searching for a tool to attract new customers to  Hillside Centre, and most importantly support our retailers within the centre. GetintheLoop has been the perfect fit for us; brand awareness for Hillside and our retailers has increased and we’ve seen an increase in engagement from our customers.”

-Michele Paget, Marketing Director, Hillside Centre, Bentall Kennedy (Canada)

As one of Victoria’s premier shopping centres, Hillside Centre continually looks for new ways to increase retail traffic and reach today’s busy modern mobile consumers. Knowing that their shoppers are becoming more digital savvy and are inundated with advertising, Hillside Centre was looking for a better way to keep their retail partners top of mind, while providing value to their shoppers.

Hillside Centre reached out to the GetintheLoop team to better understand the mobile consumer of Greater Victoria and develop compelling offers to drive new customers to Hillside Centre’s retailers.

Within weeks, Hillside launched on GetintheLoop with its own featured category, including all of Hillside’s retailers and their exclusive offers. It’s the first thing members in the Victoria area see when they open GetintheLoop. For Hillside it was an instant success.

Hillside Centre and GetintheLoop created delight among customers with a high concentration of businesses and great offers. This enabled Hillside to cut through the clutter, resulting in strong awareness and engagement from savvy, modern, mobile consumers in the greater Victoria area. Through GetintheLoop, Hillside’s retailers’ offers were viewed over 8.6 million times, and engaged with more than 100,000 times,  resulting in over 5,000 actions!

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Train Station Success Story

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Train Station uses GetintheLoop for Business to attract new customers and a younger demographic to their weekend brunch and on slow lunch days.

“With such a user-friendly platform, it only took me a few seconds to update the details of our offers. The GetintheLoop team is awesome, they have worked with me to design creative offers that took my business margins into account, and worked!”

-Dave Lindsay, Managing Partner, Train Station Pub

The Train Station Pub is a mainstay in downtown Kelowna, BC. Enjoying the bulk of their traffic afternoons and evenings, they use GetintheLoop for Business to attract new customers and a younger demographic to their weekend brunch and slow lunch days.

As a city that thrives on summer tourists, Dave Lindsay, managing partner of The Train Station Pub, was prepared to push aggressive GetintheLoop offers to build his weekend brunch year round.

The Train Station Pub offered a buy one get one free Brunch offer that was popular, but there was a gap – they needed an offer that got people through the door and made sense for their margins.

The Train Station Pub was advised by GetintheLoop to change the offer to buy one get one 50% off in addition to their exceptional $5 off any burger offer. Each of the offers are available at slower weekday lunches and weekend brunches driving business when it would otherwise not materialise.

With GetintheLoop, The Train Station Pub earned a 300% return on their investment and attracted a younger demographic. Both their brunch and burger offers boosted sales at times that would otherwise have been less busy. In the restaurant business the sunk costs of operations and staffing are important factors to consider when drafting offers to drive sales.

The Train Station Pub offers saw more than 2,800 actions, their offers were engaged with more than 3,700 times and were viewed by GetintheLoop members more than 1.8 million times.

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Boston Pizza Success Story

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Boston Pizza partnered with GetintheLoop to reach mobile, ‘on the go’ consumers in the downtown core of Edmonton.

“GetintheLoop has been a great extension of our marketing efforts. The platform is very easy to use and allows Boston Pizza to connect directly to the phones of GetintheLoop members who have selected to receive promotions. The team is great to work with, the GetintheLoop members are great clientele and I would recommend GetintheLoop to any business who is looking to increase their digital marketing efforts and drive traffic and sales.”

– Cam Stewart, Owner

With over 370 locations from coast to coast, Boston Pizza is a major player in the food and beverage world in Canada. Boston Pizza partnered with GetintheLoop to bring 7 locations in Edmonton onboard to try and reach mobile, ‘on the go’ consumers, in the downtown core. This strategy was designed to cut through the noise of traditional advertising and reach customers closer to purchase, that moment of truth when their intent is highest but traditional media isn’t reaching them. The most effective way to do this is in the palm of their hand!

Working with the team at GetintheLoop, Boston Pizza used GetintheLoop to create strong offers, including a $10 lunch menu and a free dessert with purchase, to appeal to ‘on the go’ consumers around their locations. GetintheLoop promoted these offers through their app, with their media partner Corus, and through social and email campaigns.

This level of hyper-local awareness and targeted messaging, including smartphone notifications, helped create strong reach, engagement, and action from GetintheLoop members. GetintheLoop drove new customers to Boston Pizza’s locations while increasing awareness and directly generating orders from new members with specially timed, hyper-localized advertising.

The results were clear, customers were more receptive to a great offer, served at the right time, with the right message. Creating a sense of urgency by offering the deal for a limited time and driving awareness at key times in the day drove actions. Boston Pizza locations in Edmonton saw more than 1,659 actions, were engaged with more than 23,467 times and
were viewed more than 260,322 times.

With GetintheLoop consumer insights, Boston Pizza knows that women 35-44 years old are driving more cactions than other demographic groups they reach. GetintheLoop helps drive new customers and offers key consumer insights for Boston Pizza in the process.

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The Downtown Victoria Business Association Success Story

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The Downtown Victoria Business Association uses GetintheLoop for Business to increase foot traffic in the downtown core.

“We saw an opportunity to provide our 800+ businesses with a solution to benefit one another, increase foot traffic, and attract new customers. Working with GetintheLoop on a unique agreement that provided significant value over other options was a great decision for us.”

– The Downtown Victoria Business Association.

The Downtown Victoria Business Association continuously seeks new ways to promote the vitality and vibrancy of downtown and it’s business community. Working with 800+ businesses who have different challenges and strengths, The DVBA turned to GetintheLoop for Business to increase consumer traffic downtown.

Knowing that today’s busy modern mobile customers are inundated with advertising, The DVBA wanted a better way to increase foot traffic and offer each unique business in the downtown core a solution to suit their needs. The DVBA was able to provide significant value to it’s stakeholders and secure a unique partnership with GetintheLoop.

The DVBA created a high concentration of offers and experiences to increase awareness and drive consumer traffic. GetintheLoop and The DVBA teamed up to promote the business offers through a multi-channel media campaign including digital, radio, and street teams. Downtown Victoria businesses are one of the first things members, who have purchase intent, see when they open GetintheLoop.

Keeping downtown Victoria businesses top of mind, promoting strong offers, partnering on local events, and using real-time promotion increased overall foot traffic. All DVBA businesses realized significant value driving an audience with purchase intent into the downtown core resulting in increased foot traffic and engagement from savvy modern mobile consumers.

In less than 12 months, downtown Victoria business’s have seen more than 1,100,000 views on their offers, over 36,000 engagements, and more than 1,300 actions with GetintheLoop.

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