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How to Drive Customer Loyalty Through GetintheLoop

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It is a known rule of thumb that 80% of a company’s sales come from 20% of their customers. This means that how well a business can drive customer loyalty becomes a major factor in how successful that business is. One way for your business to increase customer loyalty and keep customers coming back is providing them with local offers and unique experiences. By using GetintheLoop to provide offers to members, you can drive customer loyalty – but you have to make sure that you are utilizing the platform correctly.

The 5 Musts to Drive Loyalty

1- Communicate your partnership with Employees

It is important that all employees are knowledgeable of what GetintheLoop is, how it works, and what it is intended to do. Not only should employees be aware that your business is an active partner on the platform, but they should also be well aware of the offers that are available to members. If employees are not aware it can create a bad member experience.

Example: If a member walks into a store expecting to use an offer from GetintheLoop and the employee has neither heard of Getintheloop nor know about the offer it can leave a member frustrated with the service and store.

Ready to reach more customers? Let’s chat today! 

2- Communicate your partnership with existing customers

GetintheLoop can be used to help incentivize your current customers to keep coming back – but you must communicate your partnership with them. GetintheLoop can provide businesses with marketing materials that the business can use to communicate this partnership as well as plenty of features that allow you to communicate and share an offer in one simple step.

Example: “Post to Facebook” feature lets you post an offer to your company’s Facebook page which will direct your Facebook followers to the GetintheLoop app and your offer.

3- Have your best sales running

When thinking of creating an offer, it is important that your business has the best possible sales running – something that will make members put in the effort to coming into your business. Examples of offers that can drive customers to take action and increase customer loyalty are:

  1. Weekly/Monthly Deals
  2. Referral Promotions/Programs
  3. First Purchasers Offers
  4. Minimum Purchase Discount
  5. Limited Use Offers

4- Use offers to target different audiences

GetintheLoop allows you to have five offers live at a time – the businesses that see a lot of success are the ones that utilize this. Having a variety of offers like the ones stated above in point #3 can aid in making sure that all target audiences are hit.

5- Update your Offers on GetintheLoop

Make sure that all your offers on GetintheLoop are current and up-to-date. Offers that are posted on the platform that are no longer relevant can generate a bad member experience. Switching one to two offers up can also re-engage potential customers and bring them back to your business to experience something new.

Tips to Create an Exceptional Customer Experience at your Business

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Any interaction a customer has with your brand is part of their brand experience, especially once they have stepped foot through your front door. It’s make or break now – will the experience create a loyal customer, and an advocate of your business, or will they leave so disappointed that they immediately turn to social media to express their dismay? These tips will help avoid the latter!

Customer Service

A great experience at your business’s location requires great people who have received adequate training. Finding ambassadors of your brand, those needle-in-a-haystack employees who just rave about your business and are positively exuberant about the level of service they provide can be hard to find. But those are the employees who are going to give customers the type of experience that they want to write a review about and tell their friends about. Good, well-trained employees can’t be understated. WestJet is well known for getting customer service right. Check out this story of a WestJet pilot buying pizza for stranded Air Canada passengers!

Getting your employees to be advocates of their employer is not easy. But rewarding employees properly is a good start. That means paying them well, and also providing some sort of incentives for providing a great customer service. It doesn’t have to be monetary – verbal acknowledgement and thanks from an owner/manager can go a long way when it comes to workplace motivation.

The importance of employee training cannot be said enough! If you have offers or specials running, ensure your employees are aware. This is one of the largest problems we come across at GetintheLoop – the customer goes to a business because of a promotion or special that they have seen, but the employee is unaware of it, which can lead to embarrassment all round, and a negative experience of the brand.

Embed in your employees a sense of “What else can I do to enhance or improve this customer’s experience here?” The drive for exceptional customer service and experience has to be company wide, from the very top down. Everyone, not just customer-facing employees, must be on board. Again, it comes down to every interaction the business has with your establishment. For example, after an amazing night at a hotel, where you were treated like royalty, you realize you were overcharged for the night. You call back and speak to someone in the office and are told it was your mistake not theirs. This negative experience can undo every great moment you experienced the night before, and according to a survey conducted by American Express, you’ll be more inclined to tell others about your negative experience that your positive one. “While 46% of American consumers say they always tell others about good service experiences, an even greater number say they talk about poor service experiences. In fact, 60% said they always share the bad ones, and they tell nearly three times as many people (an average of 21 people vs. 8 people).”

Ready to reach more customers? Let’s chat today! 

Sales tactics

Similarly to customer service, the types of sales tactics used can have a huge positive or negative impact on your experience. I can provide my own experience of shopping for a new car as an example. I knew I was going to be subjected to the “hard-sell” but I wasn’t prepared for how much. One dealership offered me $500 as a trade-in value on my existing vehicle and tried to hide other fees within the quote. I felt completely taken advantage of, being a woman shopping alone. Another dealership, where I actually ended up making the purchase, offered me $4000 trade-in value and told me up front that they would not pressure me into anything I didn’t want to do – and they kept their word. The two experiences were polar opposites, and influenced entirely by the sales tactics used. I will forever hold a negative view of the first dealership, and would never recommend them to anyone.

Physical Environment

Finally, the business’s physical environment will play a huge role in the customer experience. In BC, there is a hotel/spa resort called Sparkling Hill, where Swarovski crystals are everywhere. Literally everywhere. Most people go there just for that experience of extravagant luxury.

Everything from the decor to the lighting, to the music being played becomes part of your brand, and contributes to the overall customer experience.

Ultimately, creating an exceptional customer experience for every person and at every touchpoint with your brand will naturally lead to more customers, and more loyal customers.

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Cushman & Wakefield Partner with GetintheLoop

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For Immediate Release:

Cushman & Wakefield Partners with GetintheLoop Retail App to Enhance Customer Experience


The commercial real estate services firm’s mobile technology partnership will enhance retail promotions for 21 retail centres across Canada.

TORONTO, July 27, 2020 – Cushman & Wakefield Asset Services has announced a new partnership with Canadian retail platform, GetintheLoop, to support its retailers and customers. The app service is scheduled to launch summer of 2020 at 21 retail centres across Canada.

Through this partnership, more than 1,500 retailers in Cushman & Wakefield properties will receive access to GetintheLoop’s mobile marketing platform to better reach local residents via their smartphones, email, and web. GetintheLoop will act as a single source for accurate and relevant local retail information, integrating data from the app onto each centre’s website, and app users will have the added benefit of receiving push notifications including dynamic offers such as gift card programs, delivery or curbside pick- up options, incentives and offers to support retail businesses now, when they need it most.

“When our guests install the GetintheLoop app on their devices, they will essentially have their local mall in their pockets,” said Molly Westbrook, Cushman & Wakefield’s Executive Managing Director for Canada. “Retail operations and consumer habits are rapidly evolving, and we want to support our retailer partners in this evolution, extending beyond the physical space of our centres. Partnering with GetintheLoop allows us to enhance the guest experience, giving them a direct line on new arrivals, local promotions and sales, and much more.”

Consumers can download GetintheLoop for free in the App Store and Google Play store and opt-in to receive curated, local offers. Push notifications can be enabled or modified so consumers can receive timely updates from their local Cushman & Wakefield-managed shopping centre.

“We’re thrilled to partner with an innovative, community-minded organization like Cushman & Wakefield,” said GetintheLoop’s Founder and CEO, Matt Crowell. “We want our technology to help communities stay connected and support local retail during this critical time.”

About Cushman & Wakefield

Cushman & Wakefield (NYSE: CWK) is a leading global real estate services firm that delivers exceptional value for real estate occupiers and owners. Cushman & Wakefield is among the largest real estate services firms with approximately 51,000 employees in 400 offices and 70 countries. In 2018, the firm had revenue of $8.2 billion across core services of property, facilities and project management, leasing, capital markets, valuation and other services. To learn more, visit or follow @CushWake on Twitter.

About GetintheLoop

GetintheLoop is Canada’s leading mobile offers platform in more than 70 markets across Canada, providing local businesses with a simple-to-use mobile platform to reach interested and active consumers on their smartphone. Users simply download the free app and opt-in to receive curated, local offers and experiences from top brands and local businesses including retail, restaurants, spas and salons and service providers. GetintheLoop has adapted their platform during this unprecedented time to provide local businesses with a real-time ability to promote their businesses’ evolving products and services to local residents who are safely social distancing.


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3 ways to use GetintheLoop to grow your business

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If you’re wary about the idea of discounting your business’s products or services, you’re not alone. While it’s true one of the reasons our members love GetintheLoop so much is the chance to save a few dollars, there are many different ways to create offers to generate interest and sales on GetintheLoop, without cutting prices. 

GetintheLoop is a platform that helps small businesses connect with consumers who want to shop locally first. We connect our business partners to our members through “offers” on GetintheLoop’s mobile app and marketing system. 

Offers on GetintheLoop are a simplified way to communicate incentives, events, and even timely information about your business.


1. Incentives

Incentives aren’t always a percentage off. Discounting can be a great way to speed up your inventory turn, increase customer purchase frequency, drive secondary purchases, and attract new customers but there are other ways to use GetintheLoop to increase sales. 

Even the biggest international luxury brands like Versace and Prada create offer promotions, you’ll see these usually as a gift with purchase or product bundle. Here are some other creative examples of incentives that drive revenue.

Free dessert with purchase of $50 or more:

Free Shipping with purchase online purchases has also been a popular way to structure offers:


2. Timely Business Information

The pandemic has changed what information small businesses need to communicate with their customers and how. GetintheLoop has evolved with the times to help businesses communicate that they’re open and offering contact-less pick-up and delivery options with our Delivery and Pick-up Loop. Another way that GetintheLoop helps to connect consumers with the businesses they love. 


3. Events

As the economy begins to restart and as provincial health ministries loosen regulations around gathering, more and more businesses will be looking to create events again to boost sales. Whether it’s a tap take over, a trunk sale, or a VIP shopping experience, our members turn to GetintheLoop when they are looking for something to do. 

This Farmer’s market found a smart way to share the spotlight with all of their vendors while incentivizing multiple purchases:

The GetintheLoop Local Owner in your community and our Partner Success Team is always available to help you find a creative idea, give you performance insights, and lend a hand when it comes to creating offers and your success.

New podcast aims to bring small businesses together during pandemic

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Kelowna, BC, May 25, 2020: A new resource for small businesses is now available on Apple Podcast and wherever you get your podcasts called, Clicks & Mortar. 

Clicks & Mortar is the podcast where small business owners share ideas, solutions, and real life experiences to inspire and energize anyone who’s running a business during these times of rapid change and transformation.

The host of Clicks and Mortar is broadcast veteran and Chief Marketing Officer of GetintheLoop, Jason Mann. As Jason describes it, “Clicks and Mortar is meant to become a living breathing resource for small business owners. We’re talking to small bricks and mortar business owners to find out how they’re changing their business in light of the pandemic, what’s working and what’s not”.

Clicks & Mortar features some of the best small business owners from across Canada and experts in the field sharing their stories and experiences at a time when everyone is trying to learn from one another. 

Clicks & Mortar is presented by GetintheLoop for Business, Canada’s leading mobile offers platform for small businesses to reach consumers who want to support local businesses. 

GetintheLoop’s CEO Matt Crowell adds, “we are passionate about small businesses, they’re the engine to our economy and the heartbeat of our communities. We saw an opportunity to fill a need for more human connection and faster learning through audio with the Clicks & Mortar podcast”. 

Season one of the podcast so far features Lyndsey Cybulskie owner of Homegrown House & Pantry in Airdrie Alberta, Steve Collette CEO of 3rd Degree Training and Actual Nutrition, and Don Blevens of Baby & Me in Kelowna. The podcast aims to talk with small businesses owners from restaurants to retail, and service industries who are open to sharing their stories.

If you’re a small business owner who’s having success or has a cautionary tale and you want to share it in the spirit of helping one-another contact Jason Mann to be considered for the podcast. 

Hear all the episodes:

About GetintheLoop
GetintheLoop for Business is Canada’s leading mobile offers platform, providing businesses with a simple-to-use SaaS platform to reach interested and active members on their smartphone.

Members download and opt-in to receive curated, local offers and experiences from top brands and businesses including restaurants and bars, spas and salons, retail outlets, and service providers, from coast to coast.

GetintheLoop is rapidly expanding into new markets with local owner/operators through our innovative approach to franchising. Learn how we’ve become one of the fastest growing franchises in Canada at 

Third party applications can apply to use GetintheLoop’s software development kit (SDK), to integrate local offers right into their app, providing their users with our network of relevant and local offers with one simple integration at


For inquiries, contact:
Jason Mann
Chief Marketing Officer

Your Perception Creates Your Reality

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Understandably, deciding to start a business can be challenging in a stable market, let alone uncertain times, but if you’re considering buying a franchise or starting a business, it might just be the way you perceive the situation that will drive your outcome and your success. 

Maybe you’ve noticed the pandemic has caused some businesses to close, while some new businesses have emerged, and many other businesses have pivoted how and what they do to survive, and indeed thrive into the future. 

This begs the question, “what explains why one business can pivot or emerge successfully in a time when others are closing due to the pandemic?”

Is it bad luck, lack of resources, and preparedness? Or, is it how the business’ leadership perceives the situation? There is evidence to suggest all of the above can be at play. However, your perception is like the operating system by which all of your decisions and actions are guided by, and it’s a far more powerful force than we often realize. 

Henry Ford famously said, “whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right”. Essentially, he’s saying that depending on how you perceive the situation will determine your outcome. 

At GetintheLoop, we have an innovative culture and a team that has chosen to look for the opportunities to pivot, improve, and serve the changed needs of the communities we serve. We choose to see the abundance in the world and that by creating opportunities for others, we create opportunities for ourselves too. 

It was less than a week into the pandemic when the conversations at GetintheLoop lead to a new vision and planning, which began to take shape as new features in the app, sales and marketing programs, community initiatives, strategic partnerships, and efforts to increase member engagement. 

Today, nearly two months later, we can see just how much a catalyzing event like a pandemic can drive change and impact a business. While several newspapers have cited the pandemic as the final straw that has caused them to shut down their printing presses for good – GetintheLoop has had a different experience. 

In the past eight weeks, we’ve broken records for the number of businesses on our platform, the number of offers they are promoting, and the number of people using our app to support local businesses.

  • 92% increase in businesses on the GetintheLoop platform coast to coast.
  • 6 new national brands live including The Canadian Brewhouse, iHop, Osmow’s & Papa Murphy’s with hundreds of locations nationwide.
  • 20 new partnerships including Canada’s largest Chamber of Commerce.
  • 10 record-breaking days of member engagement on our app.

We’ve been fortunate to be able to see how we can help communities across Canada, we’ve also seen the need to bring GetintheLoop to more communities across the country. Local businesses across Canada have a need and there are gaps to be filled. 

If you see the value of connecting small businesses with consumers who want to support them by shopping locally first and the opportunity to bring GetintheLoop’s mobile marketing solution to your community, and you perceive that you can do this, we invite you to take the next step to find out. Reach out, chat with us, join the no-risk Early Access Program, or consider getting started to take advantage of the opportunity today.

Community Partnership Program

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If you’ve known us for a while, you’re probably aware that we are passionate about supporting local business. We believe local businesses are the heartbeat of any thriving community as they employ local residents, pay local taxes, and often support local charities. Today, they need our support more than ever.

While the current physical distancing policies have had a positive effect on flattening the curve, the measures have been wreaking havoc on small businesses in communities everywhere.  Federal and provincial governments have been helping with financial aid and other resources, and many local organizations and municipalities are asking what they can do at the local level too.

Many small businesses have struggled to adapt to digital marketing, especially during this time. They are now faced with the challenge of getting their message in front of people, which is compounded if they don’t have a strong website, email database, or social media presence.

With changed business hours, business model pivots, and whether a business is even open, often at question, it’s not just a small business problem. It’s a community problem. This is why we launched the Community Partnership Program for Municipalities, Regional Districts, Chambers of Commerce, BIAs, Downtown Associations, Tourism organizations, and Economic Development Commissions.

The Greater Vernon Chamber of Commerce was one of the first organizations to launch a support program in Canada. Dan Proulx, membership coordinator noted ”Our business community needed support fast, not only just promotion, but ways that we could dynamically help them reach consumers that were at home, but still needed local services.  Partnering with GetintheLoop was the right solution at the right time for our community”.

GetintheLoop’s technology was created to help local businesses communicate and promote their products and services to their local community. Through partnerships with local governments and business-first organizations, we’re able to open our platform and connect entire business communities to those who want to think local and stay connected.

Teri James, Executive Director of the Downtown Langley Business Association said, “Our downtown is home to over 500 unique shops, services and restaurants. With these challenging market conditions, we are seeking innovative ways to support our downtown Langley businesses while providing them real solutions which can impact their business today.  GetintheLoop’s mobile offers technology, paired with our knowledge and experience of the local community can quickly help our businesses who are trying to adapt during this time.”

The Downtown Langley Business Association and Greater Vernon Chambers of Commerce are among the first of 10 other business-first organizations across the country that have agreed to help their members access GetintheLoop so far. Similar partnerships have been inked with organizations in Regina SK, Westshore BC, Leduc and Lethbridge AB, Windsor, Vaughan, and North York ON.

Like many businesses, GetintheLoop is going through major changes to adapt to market conditions. Helping to connect communities during this difficult time, through these partnerships, ensures that we can be there for local businesses in the future. It’s an exciting opportunity to align ourselves with so many business-focused groups in communities across the country and together, we can leverage the latest in mobile technology and community infrastructure to help businesses survive through these challenging days and be prepared to thrive in the future.

How GetintheLoop is Evolving With The Times

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Small businesses across Canada have had to close their doors or adapt their operations to conform with government recommendations and regulations as the current global health crisis has evolved over the past month and a half. 

In just the past 5-6 weeks, over one million small businesses in Canada have had to radically change the way they operate on the fly. Most of the small businesses we work with every day have moved to a remote workforce, changed their service model to delivery or contactless pick-up, added, or even changed product lines, and implemented new digital strategies like eCommerce. 

We are inspired by the scrappy entrepreneurs who have been piloting their businesses through these choppy times and like so many other companies, GetintheLoop has changed the way we do business too. 

At GetintheLoop, we have three audiences or “markets” that our business interacts with including, our members, business partners, and our local owner/entrepreneurs. We have progressively been addressing the new, changing needs of each audience over the past month, but first, we needed to reorganize how dozens of software developers, partner success, sales, and marketing team members work with each other, and with over 60 franchise operations across Canada.

Members and Partners
Initially, we launched the $10,000 Support Local Giveaway. One of the goals of the giveaway was to create awareness for the need to support local businesses in the communities we serve. 

Through this giveaway, we’ve been able to support many of our partners with cash flow at this critical time by purchasing gift cards to give away while providing our members with more value and more reasons to engage with our app. Response from our members has been incredible as we’ve reached record high daily activity in our app during this time too. 

Contests have proven so popular that we’ve just announced a $4,000 houseboat vacation at BC’s beautiful Shuswap Lake from Twin Anchors you can find on the app across Canada.

Aside from contesting, we’ve sponsored hundreds of small businesses by providing access to GetintheLoop through our Community Connections Program. 

GetintheLoop has always been about connecting people with small businesses in their community. That mission has never been more important than now. 

So far, we’ve met with over 30 Chambers of Commerce, City Councils, and BIAs to discuss a plan that will see us launch a community partnership program to help thousands of additional small businesses across the country join our platform which will, in turn, provide our members with more offers than ever before. We’re excited that our technology has been quickly adopted by several Chambers already. Look for official announcements coming soon!

Local Owner/Entrepreneurs
For entrepreneurs considering joining our network of Local Owners, we established the “Early Access Program”. This risk-free program gives interested franchise candidates access to our team, a chance to upskill with our training programs, and the right to reserve the area of their choice. Our communities need a Shop Local Hero, now more than ever and with a small refundable deposit, we’re making it easier than ever for entrepreneurs to explore owning a GetintheLoop franchise.

We’ve been listening to our members, partners, community organizations, and the entrepreneur community intently during this time. We are quickly learning and adapting to what our communities need right now including new features, products and for our platform to be more accessible to small businesses. We’re excited that over the next few weeks, we’ll unveil more of these new product initiatives and announce several partnerships as GetintheLoop continues to help bring communities together.

Smart Tips for Local Businesses During Physical Distancing

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Small businesses are the engine that powers our national economy and they are the lifeblood of our local economies too. At GetintheLoop, we believe that now, more than ever, we need to support our local businesses. Our team of over 150 local franchise owners, engineers, designers, mobile marketing experts and marketers are working hard to help small businesses get through the current national health crisis.

We work with thousands of small businesses across Canada, all of which are innovating “on the fly” to adjust to the physical distancing measures. We wanted to share our national perspective on these local solutions with this “Smart Tips for Local Businesses During Physical Distancing” guide. Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll all face a changing landscape but as life slowly returns to normal, hopefully, you’ll find inspiration in these ideas. #ThinkLocal. #StayConnected.

Click to download our smart tips graphic.

Click to download our smart tips graphic.

7 Ways to Promote Your Punch Card Loyalty Program

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GetintheLoop’s new digital punch cards enable businesses to create an effective loyalty rewards program within minutes. Once you have created your punch card loyalty offer, you’ll want to optimize your program by promoting it to both current and future customers. Here are 7 ways to boost your GetintheLoop loyalty rewards program for success.


1. Turn Your Employees Into Loyalty Rewards ambassadors

Go beyond the basics of training everyone on your team by making sure everyone understands how important it is to grow your loyalty program. The more people who sign up, the more repeat business you can drive.

When you launch your program be sure to ask your customers to join with every sale that is made. 

Whenever you need to focus on growing your program consider running an enrolment drive where you incentive staff for hitting the sign-up goals. 

2. In-store Signage

A simple sign near the checkout that says, “Ask about our punch card rewards program” is essentially table stakes when it comes to promoting your loyalty program, but is often overlooked.

You might want to feature something exciting your customers can earn through your program as a part of a display at the till, and in its section of your store as a way of creating more interest.

3. Celebrate Your Loyal Customers

When a customer redeems a reward at your business, ask if you can take their picture for your “Loyal Customer Wall of Fame”. Have fun with the picture, and if it makes sense, have them show off what they’ve received as their reward.

Another variation on this might be a ‘customer of the week’ where you display a framed picture of your chosen customer. Consider adding a caption that piques your customer’s interest like, “Want to smile like Shari? Ask about our rewards program” as a way to continually promote your loyalty rewards offer.

4. Promote Your Loyalty Program on Social Media

Of course, images of your happy customers make for terrific social media content too, and by linking to your offer in GetintheLoop, it is another way to build your loyalty program.

Research shows 59 percent of consumers are more likely to sign up for a loyalty program that has a smartphone app, and you can encourage customers to download your offer and the GetintheLoop app on your social media channels.

5. Website

You may want to create an entire page devoted to your loyalty rewards program, or it may make more sense to promote it as a part of existing pages. Either way, it is always beneficial when you can mirror your in-store experience and promote your loyalty rewards program on your website.

6. Email Database

If you have a customer database, email is a perfect medium to promote your loyalty rewards program. Dedicate an email to kick off the program, and be sure to link to your offer, then include reminders as a part of your ongoing email strategy.

7. Create a Partnership

Why not collaborate with a nearby or complimentary business and level up together?

As an example, a flower shop and a chocolatier could collaborate with the florist creating a punch card offer by which the purchase of 5 bouquets could be rewarded with a small box of chocolates that could be redeemed at the chocolate shop. At the same time, the chocolatier could help drive traffic back to the florist by creating an offer where the purchase of 5 boxes of chocolate could be rewarded with a bouquet of flowers. 

Alternatively, you could offer a percentage off reward that is redeemable at your store once it’s been earned. 

8. Bonus: GetintheLoop

GetintheLoop members discover punch card offers and are continually reminded of how they can earn rewards by shopping locally with punch cards in their city through the ‘offer feed’ in GetintheLoop.

GetintheLoop is a potent combination of a loyalty rewards system that enables businesses to create, manage, measure punch card offers while powering its growth by connecting your business to our shop local community and audience.