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New podcast aims to bring small businesses together during pandemic

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Kelowna, BC, May 25, 2020: A new resource for small businesses is now available on Apple Podcast and wherever you get your podcasts called, Clicks & Mortar. 

Clicks & Mortar is the podcast where small business owners share ideas, solutions, and real life experiences to inspire and energize anyone who’s running a business during these times of rapid change and transformation.

The host of Clicks and Mortar is broadcast veteran and Chief Marketing Officer of GetintheLoop, Jason Mann. As Jason describes it, “Clicks and Mortar is meant to become a living breathing resource for small business owners. We’re talking to small bricks and mortar business owners to find out how they’re changing their business in light of the pandemic, what’s working and what’s not”.

Clicks & Mortar features some of the best small business owners from across Canada and experts in the field sharing their stories and experiences at a time when everyone is trying to learn from one another. 

Clicks & Mortar is presented by GetintheLoop for Business, Canada’s leading mobile offers platform for small businesses to reach consumers who want to support local businesses. 

GetintheLoop’s CEO Matt Crowell adds, “we are passionate about small businesses, they’re the engine to our economy and the heartbeat of our communities. We saw an opportunity to fill a need for more human connection and faster learning through audio with the Clicks & Mortar podcast”. 

Season one of the podcast so far features Lyndsey Cybulskie owner of Homegrown House & Pantry in Airdrie Alberta, Steve Collette CEO of 3rd Degree Training and Actual Nutrition, and Don Blevens of Baby & Me in Kelowna. The podcast aims to talk with small businesses owners from restaurants to retail, and service industries who are open to sharing their stories.

If you’re a small business owner who’s having success or has a cautionary tale and you want to share it in the spirit of helping one-another contact Jason Mann to be considered for the podcast. 

Hear all the episodes:

About GetintheLoop
GetintheLoop for Business is Canada’s leading mobile offers platform, providing businesses with a simple-to-use SaaS platform to reach interested and active members on their smartphone.

Members download and opt-in to receive curated, local offers and experiences from top brands and businesses including restaurants and bars, spas and salons, retail outlets, and service providers, from coast to coast.

GetintheLoop is rapidly expanding into new markets with local owner/operators through our innovative approach to franchising. Learn how we’ve become one of the fastest growing franchises in Canada at 

Third party applications can apply to use GetintheLoop’s software development kit (SDK), to integrate local offers right into their app, providing their users with our network of relevant and local offers with one simple integration at


For inquiries, contact:
Jason Mann
Chief Marketing Officer

Your Perception Creates Your Reality

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Understandably, deciding to start a business can be challenging in a stable market, let alone uncertain times, but if you’re considering buying a franchise or starting a business, it might just be the way you perceive the situation that will drive your outcome and your success. 

Maybe you’ve noticed the pandemic has caused some businesses to close, while some new businesses have emerged, and many other businesses have pivoted how and what they do to survive, and indeed thrive into the future. 

This begs the question, “what explains why one business can pivot or emerge successfully in a time when others are closing due to the pandemic?”

Is it bad luck, lack of resources, and preparedness? Or, is it how the business’ leadership perceives the situation? There is evidence to suggest all of the above can be at play. However, your perception is like the operating system by which all of your decisions and actions are guided by, and it’s a far more powerful force than we often realize. 

Henry Ford famously said, “whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right”. Essentially, he’s saying that depending on how you perceive the situation will determine your outcome. 

At GetintheLoop, we have an innovative culture and a team that has chosen to look for the opportunities to pivot, improve, and serve the changed needs of the communities we serve. We choose to see the abundance in the world and that by creating opportunities for others, we create opportunities for ourselves too. 

It was less than a week into the pandemic when the conversations at GetintheLoop lead to a new vision and planning, which began to take shape as new features in the app, sales and marketing programs, community initiatives, strategic partnerships, and efforts to increase member engagement. 

Today, nearly two months later, we can see just how much a catalyzing event like a pandemic can drive change and impact a business. While several newspapers have cited the pandemic as the final straw that has caused them to shut down their printing presses for good – GetintheLoop has had a different experience. 

In the past eight weeks, we’ve broken records for the number of businesses on our platform, the number of offers they are promoting, and the number of people using our app to support local businesses.

  • 92% increase in businesses on the GetintheLoop platform coast to coast.
  • 6 new national brands live including The Canadian Brewhouse, iHop, Osmow’s & Papa Murphy’s with hundreds of locations nationwide.
  • 20 new partnerships including Canada’s largest Chamber of Commerce.
  • 10 record-breaking days of member engagement on our app.

We’ve been fortunate to be able to see how we can help communities across Canada, we’ve also seen the need to bring GetintheLoop to more communities across the country. Local businesses across Canada have a need and there are gaps to be filled. 

If you see the value of connecting small businesses with consumers who want to support them by shopping locally first and the opportunity to bring GetintheLoop’s mobile marketing solution to your community, and you perceive that you can do this, we invite you to take the next step to find out. Reach out, chat with us, join the no-risk Early Access Program, or consider getting started to take advantage of the opportunity today.

Community Partnership Program

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If you’ve known us for a while, you’re probably aware that we are passionate about supporting local business. We believe local businesses are the heartbeat of any thriving community as they employ local residents, pay local taxes, and often support local charities. Today, they need our support more than ever.

While the current physical distancing policies have had a positive effect on flattening the curve, the measures have been wreaking havoc on small businesses in communities everywhere.  Federal and provincial governments have been helping with financial aid and other resources, and many local organizations and municipalities are asking what they can do at the local level too.

Many small businesses have struggled to adapt to digital marketing, especially during this time. They are now faced with the challenge of getting their message in front of people, which is compounded if they don’t have a strong website, email database, or social media presence.

With changed business hours, business model pivots, and whether a business is even open, often at question, it’s not just a small business problem. It’s a community problem. This is why we launched the Community Partnership Program for Municipalities, Regional Districts, Chambers of Commerce, BIAs, Downtown Associations, Tourism organizations, and Economic Development Commissions.

The Greater Vernon Chamber of Commerce was one of the first organizations to launch a support program in Canada. Dan Proulx, membership coordinator noted ”Our business community needed support fast, not only just promotion, but ways that we could dynamically help them reach consumers that were at home, but still needed local services.  Partnering with GetintheLoop was the right solution at the right time for our community”.

GetintheLoop’s technology was created to help local businesses communicate and promote their products and services to their local community. Through partnerships with local governments and business-first organizations, we’re able to open our platform and connect entire business communities to those who want to think local and stay connected.

Teri James, Executive Director of the Downtown Langley Business Association said, “Our downtown is home to over 500 unique shops, services and restaurants. With these challenging market conditions, we are seeking innovative ways to support our downtown Langley businesses while providing them real solutions which can impact their business today.  GetintheLoop’s mobile offers technology, paired with our knowledge and experience of the local community can quickly help our businesses who are trying to adapt during this time.”

The Downtown Langley Business Association and Greater Vernon Chambers of Commerce are among the first of 10 other business-first organizations across the country that have agreed to help their members access GetintheLoop so far. Similar partnerships have been inked with organizations in Regina SK, Westshore BC, Leduc and Lethbridge AB, Windsor, Vaughan, and North York ON.

Like many businesses, GetintheLoop is going through major changes to adapt to market conditions. Helping to connect communities during this difficult time, through these partnerships, ensures that we can be there for local businesses in the future. It’s an exciting opportunity to align ourselves with so many business-focused groups in communities across the country and together, we can leverage the latest in mobile technology and community infrastructure to help businesses survive through these challenging days and be prepared to thrive in the future.

How GetintheLoop is Evolving With The Times

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Small businesses across Canada have had to close their doors or adapt their operations to conform with government recommendations and regulations as the current global health crisis has evolved over the past month and a half. 

In just the past 5-6 weeks, over one million small businesses in Canada have had to radically change the way they operate on the fly. Most of the small businesses we work with every day have moved to a remote workforce, changed their service model to delivery or contactless pick-up, added, or even changed product lines, and implemented new digital strategies like eCommerce. 

We are inspired by the scrappy entrepreneurs who have been piloting their businesses through these choppy times and like so many other companies, GetintheLoop has changed the way we do business too. 

At GetintheLoop, we have three audiences or “markets” that our business interacts with including, our members, business partners, and our local owner/entrepreneurs. We have progressively been addressing the new, changing needs of each audience over the past month, but first, we needed to reorganize how dozens of software developers, partner success, sales, and marketing team members work with each other, and with over 60 franchise operations across Canada.

Members and Partners
Initially, we launched the $10,000 Support Local Giveaway. One of the goals of the giveaway was to create awareness for the need to support local businesses in the communities we serve. 

Through this giveaway, we’ve been able to support many of our partners with cash flow at this critical time by purchasing gift cards to give away while providing our members with more value and more reasons to engage with our app. Response from our members has been incredible as we’ve reached record high daily activity in our app during this time too. 

Contests have proven so popular that we’ve just announced a $4,000 houseboat vacation at BC’s beautiful Shuswap Lake from Twin Anchors you can find on the app across Canada.

Aside from contesting, we’ve sponsored hundreds of small businesses by providing access to GetintheLoop through our Community Connections Program. 

GetintheLoop has always been about connecting people with small businesses in their community. That mission has never been more important than now. 

So far, we’ve met with over 30 Chambers of Commerce, City Councils, and BIAs to discuss a plan that will see us launch a community partnership program to help thousands of additional small businesses across the country join our platform which will, in turn, provide our members with more offers than ever before. We’re excited that our technology has been quickly adopted by several Chambers already. Look for official announcements coming soon!

Local Owner/Entrepreneurs
For entrepreneurs considering joining our network of Local Owners, we established the “Early Access Program”. This risk-free program gives interested franchise candidates access to our team, a chance to upskill with our training programs, and the right to reserve the area of their choice. Our communities need a Shop Local Hero, now more than ever and with a small refundable deposit, we’re making it easier than ever for entrepreneurs to explore owning a GetintheLoop franchise.

We’ve been listening to our members, partners, community organizations, and the entrepreneur community intently during this time. We are quickly learning and adapting to what our communities need right now including new features, products and for our platform to be more accessible to small businesses. We’re excited that over the next few weeks, we’ll unveil more of these new product initiatives and announce several partnerships as GetintheLoop continues to help bring communities together.

Smart Tips for Local Businesses During Physical Distancing

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Small businesses are the engine that powers our national economy and they are the lifeblood of our local economies too. At GetintheLoop, we believe that now, more than ever, we need to support our local businesses. Our team of over 150 local franchise owners, engineers, designers, mobile marketing experts and marketers are working hard to help small businesses get through the current national health crisis.

We work with thousands of small businesses across Canada, all of which are innovating “on the fly” to adjust to the physical distancing measures. We wanted to share our national perspective on these local solutions with this “Smart Tips for Local Businesses During Physical Distancing” guide. Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll all face a changing landscape but as life slowly returns to normal, hopefully, you’ll find inspiration in these ideas. #ThinkLocal. #StayConnected.

Click to download our smart tips graphic.

Click to download our smart tips graphic.

Are You Staying Ahead of The Curve With Your Marketing Strategy?

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Do you own a smartphone? How many times a day do you think you touch it, look at it, or use it? A study says we touch our phones on average 2,617 times a day, 80% of us check our phones before brushing our teeth in the morning, and it doesn’t stop there – on average we check our phone 80 times a day (and for millennial’s that number is almost double at 150 times a day). Over the course of a year, we spend 900 hours, or 38 days on our phones in some capacity.

Smartphones are a part of our lives, and honestly, could you live without yours? Most of us would be scrambling if we lost our phones. Think of everything it contains – phone numbers, calendar dates, finances, and not to mention all the apps you’ve downloaded to keep your life running smoothly! We are so dependant on our phones, using them for everything from texting to emailing, from online shopping to paying for items in stores, from checking the news to online banking. We sometimes even use them to make phone calls!

Mobile Empowers Customers

As consumers, our dependence on our smartphones has inherently evolved our behaviours when it comes to interacting with brands. Our mobile devices have allowed us to take better control of our life and our experiences. We have so much more choice today, and feel in control of when, where and how we interact with a brand. We can choose to block ads, unfollow brands on social media, and tune out the advertising messages that we are bombarded with on a daily basis. We can compare prices on our phones from in the store to make sure we are getting the best deal. We can use an app to find local deals. We can read reviews online before trying out a new experience.

For businesses, this increased customer empowerment requires a deeper understanding of the consumer in order to effectively connect with them, and maintain profitability and growth. Just as consumer behaviours are evolving, so too must business behaviour evolve to align with the expectations of the consumer. Only businesses that can adapt to changing consumer trends, motivators and decision-drivers will stay ahead of the curve when it comes to engaging with their target audience.

It might seem overwhelming at first, and as a business you might question how necessary a mobile marketing strategy is. So stop and think about your own personal use of your smartphone and your experience with brands on a mobile device. You’ll start to realize that a seamless integration of mobile into your marketing strategy is not only expected, but it’s necessary. You want it. So do your customers.

Mobile Increases Consumer Expectations

Product comparison is available at our fingertips – literally. Why should a consumer buy one business’ product over another if they are essentially the exact same? It ultimately comes down to the experience. Some people will always buy in store over online because they like the physical experience of shopping in a store, being able to pick up a product, talk to a salesperson. Other people like to buy online for the convenience and the speed. Either way, consumer expectations are at an all time high. We expect a great experience, we expect relevant communication, and we expect customization. The brands that succeed in this highly competitive market place we live in will be the ones that are best able to give consumers what they are asking for.

However for small businesses that are lacking in resources, including time, money and expertise it’s not easy to adapt to the new mobile consumer. In a survey by RetailMeNot, 25% of retailers said they do not have the ability to tie their mobile marketing efforts to in-store sales, so they don’t know what is working what isn’t. One way over half of retailers are overcoming this challenge is by partnering with marketing companies that have expertise in this area.

“Due to mobile’s quick evolution and high priority, retailers rely on partnerships in areas they lack expertise, including the ability to track mobile marketing efforts to in-store sales (53%). These partnerships are also a key driver in providing mobile offers to their customers. Most retailers are sharing mobile unique promotion codes (56%) or mobile single-use promotion codes (56%) to customers through owned and partner apps. By tapping into partner audiences for these initiatives, retailers and brands are able to expand their reach and engage more potential customers.”

Probably the biggest challenge facing business owners and marketers alike is, how to I meet the expectations of my consumer, where and when they are hanging out?

– Ensure your business can be found online in a local mobile search. Get listed on Google My Business – it’s free! This is a no-brainer as it ensures the business is visible in local listings when people conduct a Google search. Did you know, the Google 3-pack appears at the top of 93% of searches when there is a local intent? Make sure your business appears ahead of the competition – Google My Business influences this.

– Do you have a loyalty program for regular customers?  47% of consumers wish more stores offered mobile apps to collect and redeem loyalty points. You can find tons of mobile apps that make it easy to operate your loyalty program on mobile, avoiding the need for small cards to track purchases and store visits.

– Other apps, like GetintheLoop can help you reach a whole new audience of customer, one who may not yet have heard about your business, or be part of your loyalty program. GetintheLoop is an offers platform for businesses to attract new customers and build loyalty. These offers and experiences are delivered straight to the smartphones of locals via the GetintheLoop app.

– Consider investing in a mobile payment solution so you can accept payments directly from customer’s phones (e.g via Apple Pay).  Consumers are more comfortable than ever using secure mobile payment options. By setting your business up to accept mobile payment for your goods and services, you’re creating a simple, seamless shopping/payment experience for the consumer and not falling behind the competition in terms of providing what consumers want. Square provides an easy, affordable solution to get businesses set-up with accepting Apple Pay.

– Market your business where your audience is – on social media. If you don’t have a social media presence, you’re losing a lot of potential customers. Mobile-only social apps continue to rise in popularity (like Snapchat, Instagram etc.) and being on these platforms makes sense as part of your mobile marketing strategy, if that is where your target audience spends their online time. Social media isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it solution. Constantly monitor your presence and adapt your message accordingly.

The modern consumer is busy, on the go, often buying items when time permits, and multi-tasking at the same time, whether that’s outside school at pick up time, while watching TV in the evening, or while in transit. A decade ago, this wasn’t even possible, but now we are spoiled with computers in the palms of our hands – we want a more integrated experience, where researching and buying, price comparing and reading reviews are all done at the point of purchase. Successful businesses are the ones that adapt to the changes in consumer behaviour rather than resist and stick with the ‘old ways’.

Be the next GetintheLoop success story. Get in touch with us today.

A Greener Year For Small Businesses

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Climate change and environmentally friendliness has never been more top of mind for consumers and businesses alike. Consumers are increasingly more likely to support brands that take their environmental footprint seriously. Almost 66 per cent of consumers are willing to pay extra for products and services that come from companies committed to positive social and environmental impact. If all consumers want to see more environmentally responsible businesses, it’s up to businesses to deliver. Meeting increased expectations will not only drive more customers, but contribute to long-term efforts to protect the environment for future generations.

Here are a few ways that small businesses can do their part to be more environmentally responsible and communicate these actions to consumers.

First, assess where you create waste:

  1. Are you using plastic bags?
  2. Do you waste electricity with too many lights?
  3. What do you use for take out boxes, cups and straws?
  4. Do you waste a lot of water?
  5. Do you recycle?

Once the key areas of waste have been identified, you can implement a plan for reduction. Get everyone in the company involved. Have a way for employees to suggest ideas to help your business help the environment. Making employees feel involved will make them more inclined to contribute to the programs.

Find out how environmentally friendly the items you buy from suppliers are: do they have excessive packaging? Do they contain substances which are harmful to the environment? Are you suppliers able to reuse any packaging, perhaps at a discount to you? It many cases, it’s better to pay more but source products that are better for the environment. Sustainable purchasing is a great option to show your company is committed to the environment, especially if you’re finding it difficult to implement detailed environmentally responsible programs in your business.

Think about where you can make changed with office supplies and/or stationary:

– Stock the office with reusable pens: ones which simply have their inks refilled
– How necessary are those pads of sticky notes?
– Do you send out a lot of mail? If so, use recycled envelopes and keep packaging to a minimum
– Are people encouraged to recycle non-confidential documents rather than throw them out?
– Introduce a company-wide recycling program for items such as pop bottles and cardboard containers
– Remove paper cups for beverages and encourage people to bring water bottles and travel mugs for coffee from home
– Remove ‘convenience’ coffee from the office – you know, the ones that take pods or capsules of coffee and require one-push to make one cup. Single-use items that end up in the landfill are not good for the environment
– Compost kitchen waste like leftover foods. Most cities have some kind of composting scheme in place.

Save paper!

If you must print, use recycled paper and print on both sides where possible, using eco-mode if quality is not important. Recycle all used ink and toner cartridges. Online marketing is much more environmentally friendly than offline marketing like direct mail or printed ads, and often much cheaper! Online marketing is a low-cost alternative and produces no printed waste. Many businesses, however, rely on printed coupons sent in the mail to drive business. Other options include building a database of emails for a monthly newsletter and sending coupons that way, or look into marketing solutions like an app such as GetintheLoop that takes care of your marketing for you, delivering your marketing message and offers to the palm of people’s hands, on their phones. No printing and no wasted materials!

Save water!

– Install water-efficient taps;
– Fix leaking taps;
– Avoid washing dishes under running taps’
– Install water-efficient dishwasher;
– Wait until you have a full load before washing;
– Scrape, rather than rinse, dishes prior to washing;
– Replace single-flush toilets with dual-flush toilets
– Regularly check for leaks and fix immediately;
– Install rainwater tanks for yard and plant watering’
– Water produce and plants early in the morning or in the evening.

Where possible, source local products

For restaurants, this can increase prices, but depending on your audience, diners may be willing to pay more for locally sourced products that support local growers and producers. Even better, grow your own produce. Order in bulk to cut down on the amount of deliveries you need to receive.

Recycle old furniture, computer equipment etc

Keep as much out of the landfills as possible. According to the Electronics TakeBack Coalition, over two million tons of electronic waste is disposed of every year in the U.S., and only 27 per cent is recycled. Many computer manufacturers like Dell and HP have equipment recycling programs, or you can contact local charities or schools to see if they have any need for the items.

Reduce the amount of electricity you use

Replace all light-bulbs with energy efficient LED bulbs, or even invest in solar panels. Turn off lights, shut down computers, and turn down heat/AC at the end of the day. It may seem like some of these suggestions are very small and won’t have a big impact on the environment. However, if every business took small steps toward being more environmentally friendly, it would add up to a one big step that could really make a difference. Consumers are demanding that businesses assume responsibility for a more positive and sustainable future.

Communicate to your customers how your business is environmentally friendly so they can make an informed decision to choose you over your competitors

– Add messaging to your social channels that talks about your commitment to sustainability. Instagram is a good platform for using imagery to show what your business is doing behind the scenes
– Create a page on your website about your commitment to sustainability.
– Tell stories in your blog. Does your supplier have an interesting story about how they have incorporated sustainability into their products?
– Promote your commitment through your product messaging, whether online, in store, on menus, etc.: “made with 100% locally-sourced ingredients”
– Add signage In the public bathrooms: “save water, don’t flush unless necessary”
– Carry your messaging through into all forms of communications. For example, at the bottom of email signatures you could write, “please do not print this email unless necessary. We are an environmentally friendly business.”

Keeping our planet alive and healthy is everyone’s responsibility and consumers, especially millennials, are becoming more demanding of businesses to be environmentally-friendly. Take steps within your organization to really have an impact on the environment. Decide how you are going to measure the impact and commit to making it an integral part of your business operations. Then, and only then, should you communicate it to consumers.

GetintheLoop for Business makes local marketing easier. Attract and retain more customers with mobile offers, delivered directly to their phones. Keep 100% of your revenue. Get started today!

6 Digital Platforms Your Business Should Add to its Toolbox

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GetintheLoop is riding the digital wave. We created Canada’s leading mobile offers platform to provide businesses with the ultimate digital marketing solution. It makes sense that we would also embrace the use of digital technology in our own workplace.

More and more digital tools to solve business problems or take your business to the next level are available than ever before. Our headquarters team uses numerous digital tools to organize our projects, create marketing materials, reach our target audiences and communicate with our fellow team members.

Here are six digital tools GetintheLoop uses that your business may find value in:

1) Sprout

It can be difficult to effectively manage multiple social media accounts. By using Sprout’s social media management software, businesses can access all their accounts in one place and create content, schedule out posts, view analytics and interact with their audiences. Multiple team members can access the software, which leads to better collaboration. Sprout stands out in the market due to its user-friendly design: each social account is easily accessible from the top navigation pane. Users can also conveniently view analytics without having to download a report.

2) Canva

It’s important for your company to have a professional look. Canva is a simplified graphic-design tool website that allows companies to create visually appealing designs by utilizing a drag-and-drop format and accessing a wide variety of photos, images, graphics and fonts. It’s a great fit for entrepreneurs with no design background, but can also be utilized by professionals who are looking to operate more efficiently. Companies can ensure consistency in their design through Canva by creating brand kits and saving templates in folders.

3) Mailchimp

Email marketing campaigns are effective ways to reach potential customers and engage existing ones. Storing contact lists on spreadsheets and manually sending out emails isn’t practical when managing multiple campaigns. Mailchimp gives businesses the ability to manage all aspects of their email campaigns. Businesses can maintain multiple contact lists and create professional looking emails with a drag-and-drop software and image bank. Mailchimp provides advice on the best time to distribute emails, while the analytics function allows businesses to monitor important stats including the open and click rates.

4) G-Suite

It’s important for companies to be able to collaborate digitally and G-Suite makes this process easier for businesses. Team members can connect via Gmail and stay on top of each other’s schedules with Google Calendar. They can create everything from docs to spreadsheets and effortlessly share them with fellow employees. G-Suite allows team members to share large files amongst each other through Google Drive and businesses also have the ability to manage users, devices, and data securely and easily.

5) Slack

The traditional means of workplace communication aren’t effective in today’s digital society, as more employees are working remotely or may not have a traditional office space. Slack is a cloud-based proprietary instant messaging platform that allows team members to message each other in real-time and share files. Businesses create channels with various categories so the appropriate team members can have a digital conversation. Slack enables team members to communicate without breaking up the flow of their work. There is also a comprehensive search function to browse through old threads.

6) Monday

It can be difficult for a company to manage the many projects it has on the go and assign tasks to employees, especially if it’s relying on an old-fashioned method such as a whiteboard. is a team management web and mobile application that makes project management a digital process. Businesses can create sections for each project, select a due date, assign team members to a project and keep track of the progress. Team members can collaborate by having digital conversations about projects and accessing files, briefs, checklists and sheets in one place.

In addition to these digital tools, your business will find value in signing on to GetintheLoop to reach mobile customers. 

GetintheLoop business partners can market their unique products, services and experiences to the smartphones of customers. The user-friendly platform allows businesses to effortlessly create new offers on the platform, edit or replace offers and view analytics to see how their offers are performing.

Studies have shown that 95 percent of smartphone owners use their mobile device to search for information on local businesses. Members loves using GetintheLoop because it’s an all-in-one shopping app that contains offers from a wide variety of retailers in their communities.

Add value to your business’ digital marketing efforts by signing onto GetintheLoop. Learn more about the benefit of joining the platform.


6 powerful types of offers you can create on GetintheLoop

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Sales promotion offers can be a great way for businesses to drive traffic through the door and stimulate sales. Offers allow companies to provide value to customers, promote special offerings and encourage repeat business. 

Your business can stand out in the crowd by successfully leveraging these different types of offers:


These types of offers are only available to a select group of customers. Companies will often create exclusive offers for customers who have signed up for their loyalty program or to receive their e-newsletter. It’s a satisfying experience for customers to redeem exclusive offers and this encourages customer loyalty. 

GetintheLoop members have access to exclusive offers on the platform. These offers receive higher placement in our daily emails when compared to non-exclusive offers, which are available to any customer. Exclusive offers also receive inclusion in GetintheLoop’s push notification program. 


If you’ve ever heard “hurry while supplies last” in an ad and been motivated to act fast, you’ve been influenced by a limited offer. Limited offers create a greater sense of urgency by limiting the available supply at the listed price. Offering 30% off purchases for one day only, for example, encourages customers to show up and pull the trigger on purchases.

Restaurants can use limited offers to create a lunch rush by offering a deal to the first x number of customers. The people who miss out on the deal are already in the restaurant and are still likely to place an order.

Percentage Off

Offering customers a percentage off an item or an entire purchase is a great way to get them through the door. While the discount may draw customers in, there’s a chance they’ll also purchase something at full price.

There are strategic ways to deploy percentage off offers, such as Buy One, Get One (BOGO). Customers pay the full price on the first item and either get the second item for free or receive a discount. There can also be a condition put in place where customers have to spend a minimum amount of money to get a percentage off.

Gift With Purchase

Giving customers a gift when they make a purchase is a great way to endear your business to them, because it’s always satisfying to open a present. The gift can be a small item such as a key chain, bookmark or desk calendar and can include your company’s logo.

Gifts can be a great way for a company to launch a new product, effectively creating a sampling campaign. Companies can partner with like-minded businesses or vendors on customer gifts with purchase. Businesses that provide gifts maintain price integrity while providing value to customers. Create, wow and delight while building a deeper relationship and loyalty with your customers by using gift with purchase offers. 


A bundle offer allows customers to take home multiple products in a single purchase at a lower cost. Telecommunications companies offer phone/internet/TV bundles at reduced rates to entice customers to purchase multiple services from them.

A bundle is a great way to introduce customers to additional products that they may purchase later on. These offers also enable companies to keep the price integrity in tact for each item because the customer won’t be aware which of the items are being discounted.


One of the unique features of the GetintheLoop platform is that businesses can create offers that exist solely to raise awareness around an event they’re hosting. Event offers can help businesses pack the house, whether it’s for a live music event at a pub or a children’s workshop being held at a library.

These offers can also help businesses show their charitable side by promoting events they’re sponsoring in the community. 

With GetintheLoop, businesses can create compelling offers to highlight their products, services and experiences, and reach customers right on their smartphones. Learn more about the exciting opportunity to sign your business onto the platform

5 tips for creating a great offer

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An important goal of any business should be to create offers that potential customers can’t refuse. Even if your business has the greatest products, services or experiences on the market, it won’t matter if you aren’t driving traffic through the door. Offers are great incentives to attract customers and introduce them to your business.

Quality offers are at the heart of the GetintheLoop platform. We spend a lot of time working with our business partners to craft compelling offers that will engage local consumers. Here are five tips for creating a great offer, including some examples of effective GetintheLoop offers on the platform.


In today’s society, people love to scroll rapidly through social channels until something catches their eyes. You want to choose an image and headline that will make users stop in their tracks and examine your offer in more detail.

Your image needs to showcase the brand/product/experience being offered and look professional. With today’s generation of smartphones, you can easily snap a picture that showcases your business. Be creative and people will respond.

The header is equally important. You have only a few words to convince someone to click through and learn more. The offer title should be front-loaded; express exactly what the offer is to engage with consumers.


In case you haven’t completely sold a customer on your offer through the image and header, the description is a great place to close the deal. Create vivid descriptions that allow someone to image redeeming the offer themselves. Include unique and compelling details that would make them want to go to you and not your competition

If the offer is non-exclusive or an experience, it will be important to include a base or starting price point for the offer. This way, members don’t see the offer as an advertisement and are compelled to take action.


While you want to sell a customer on your offer, the last thing you want to do is mislead them. Don’t make potential customers guess or assume anything about the offer. Let customers know if the offer is a discount or sale, an experience, or an upcoming event, as well as whether the offer is exclusive, non-exclusive, or limited use.

To help set expectations, make sure to include any information regarding steps to redeem, the days/hours the offer is relevant and if there are a limited quantity of redemptions for this offer. The member will be ready to abide by the offer and won’t be surprised when they redeem.


Create a seamless transition from potential customer to a customer by having a clear redemption process.

  • Online – If your business has an online landing page to redeem the offer, select the appropriate label to drive the customer there: Order Online, Book Online, Buy Online, Learn More.
  • By Phone – For offers that require customers to call, whether they’re making a reservation or booking an appointment, ensure that customers are aware of this through your label: Call to Book, Call to Order, Call for Info.
  • In-Person – If your offer can only be redeemed in person, then you won’t need to direct customers to a landing page or phone number. You’ll want to select a label like Redeem or Use Now so people won’t click on it until they’re in the store.


Great offers are always in season. The needs and desires of consumers change each season and crafting your promotions appropriately is a great way to generate new business. 

One example is auto dealers promoting offers on winter tire swaps as the season approaches. When beach season rolls around, clothing store will look to attract customers with deals on swimwear. 

You can tie your promotions into major holidays like Valentine’s Day, annual events like the start of a new school year or even non-official celebration days like National Chocolate Day.