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What Other Businesses Say About GetintheLoop

“We get people in here all the time using GetintheLoop offers. GetintheLoop has been a great extension of our marketing efforts.The platform is very easy to use which allows Boston Pizza to connect directly to the phone of GetintheLoop members who have selected to receive promotions. The team is great to work with, the app users are great clientele and I would recommend GetintheLoop to any business who is looking to increase their digital marketing efforts and drive traffic and sales.”
Cam Stewart
Owner of Boston Pizza
“A GetintheLoop account is so easy to set up and the customer success team worked with me on getting my offers up and live fast! We love the results so far with our offers and love the suggestions the success team always has for us! Looking forward to trying more unique offers!”
John Stokes
General Manager at Papa John’s
“I like how everything to do with GetintheLoop is done on your phone. It is easy to post offers and easy for the members to execute those offers. We spend 90 seconds a day planning our GetintheLoop offer and love seeing the members come in and use those offers from their phone every time!”
Lonni Van Diest
Executive General Manager at Moxies
“The GetintheLoop Dashboard is very nice and clean, rather impressive actually! Good work by showing the demographic that is engaging with our offers and brand. Nice to see how it flows from reach, the number of people taking further response and then them actually taking a step towards buying or even being on location.”
Michelle Beaudry
Digital Marketing Manager at Predator Ridge Resort
“We get tons of customers coming in and using the GetintheLoop app! The most consistent offer that brings people into our store is the buy one Blizzard get the next one for 99 cents. Customers tell us that it is quick and easy when they show us their phone and they love our offers!”
Phil Hershfield
Owner of Dairy Queen
“With such a user-friendly platform, it only took me a few seconds to update the details of our offers. The GetintheLoop team is awesome, they have worked with me to design creative offers that too my business margins into account, and worked!”
Dave Lindsay
Managing Partner at Train Station Pub

What are Exclusive Offers?

Exclusive Offers are offers that are exclusive to the platform; meaning you can't get them outside of GetintheLoop.

What are Limited Quantity Offers?

Limited Quantity Offers are any offers that are limited in some way. They’re flexible for times when products or services are only offered on a specific day, when offering a limited quantity of a product/service, or when products/services are only redeemable on certain days at certain times. These offers help create urgency and drive sales!

What are Reach Offers?

Reach Offers don't need to offer a 'deal' per se—the goal of these types of offers is to increase exposure and reach!

What is a Local Owner?

Every market (usually determined by city) has what our network calls a 'Local Owner'; a dedicated expert that's there to answer questions, help business owners organize events, and put plans in motion to help a business reach its goals. Similarly, GetintheLoop HQ is there to help when a Local Owner cannot!