Building Brand Year-Round



Black Mountain Golf Club is a public Kelowna golf course that caters to players that enjoy large bent grass greens, perfectly manicured fairways, and an array of golf holes like no other in the Okanagan.

The only challenge? It’s difficult to build brand awareness and maintain sales through Kelowna’s winter months.

“The goal we look to address with GetintheLoop,” says Russ Latimer, General Manager at Black Mountain, “is to educate residents about our facility.”

“GetintheLoop has been instrumental in building Black Mountain’s brand, year in and year out.”

-Russ Latimer, General Manager

GetintheLoop in Action


“GetintheLoop has an outstanding reach to area consumers,” says Russ. “By tapping into their network, we’re able to keep our logo, name and brand front and centre.”

Building brand awareness for (and driving revenue to) golf courses can be challenging throughout Kelowna’s winter months. The key is to build anticipation for the coming season with an eye toward attracting repeat golfers. For Black Mountain, the answer was to leverage GetintheLoop to pre-sell a loyalty card.

“With each sale we’re creating repeat Black Mountain golfers. The sales created from GetintheLoop far more than justifies our investment.”

-Russ Latimer, General Manager

By the Numbers


By pre-selling Player’s Cards through GetintheLoop over the winter, Black Mountain Golf Club is able to build brand awareness while securing a base of repeat golfers.

From January to March, Black Mountain’s Player’s Card offer garnered:

  • – 148,000+ Reach (number of views in email, app and push notifications)
  • – 1,400+ Response (number of likes, shares and offer click-throughs)
  • – 85+ Conversion (number of offer uses and website click-throughs)

With a purchase price of $85 and 25+ Conversions per month, Black Mountain Golf Club conservatively earned a 5:1 monthly return on investment through the sale of Player’s Cards on GetintheLoop.

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