Welcome to the Wolfpack: A look inside the company culture at GetintheLoop

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At GetintheLoop, none of our team members are lone wolves. We feel that by working together and approaching every project with unparalleled enthusiasm, there is no limit to what we can achieve.

We affectionately refer to ourselves as the “Wolfpack”.

If you follow our social accounts, you’ve likely spotted the #wolfpack pop up when we’re spreading news about the company, sharing words of inspiration, or highlighting one of our team events. This is because the Wolfpack mantra has become a way of life for our team.

“The Wolfpack is sort of this growing story that our team created based on the relentless effort they have put forward to succeed,” said Paige Roguski, GetintheLoop Design & Culture Manager. “We’re proud to be called the Wolfpack today.”

The history of the Wolfpack

In the early days of GetintheLoop, the small group of team members had some key traits in common: they had a strong work ethic and believed that teamwork was the best way for the company to succeed.

As GetintheLoop CEO Matt Crowell explains, these traits greatly influenced the process of adding new team members as the company started to grow.

“We had so many teammates that embodied these qualities, and as we were hiring new people, our team only wanted to work with other strong team players,” Crowell said. “We realized that we were operating like a wolfpack: we worked together, pulled the weakest member up and let the front member lead.”

As new teammates joined GetintheLoop, a set of unspoken, unwritten rules for working together grew organically. 

“GetintheLoop is made up of all the life experiences each of us bring to the organization and learned through interaction,” Roguski said.

Today, the Wolfpack mentality is instilled in every new team member. People who join GetintheLoop receive a welcome card that contains signatures and words of encouragement from everyone on the team. The words “Welcome to the Wolfpack” are front and centre.

“Personally, I feel that ‘Welcome to the Wolfpack’ is a direct correlation to ‘you are not alone’,”  Roguski said. “You are not alone in working towards the same goal, you are not alone in successes or failures, you are not alone in your values, beliefs and attitude.”

A day in the life of the Wolfpack

Instead of heading to individual work stations, our Wolfpack loves to begin the day as a collective unit. We hold a daily huddle at 9:09 a.m., where each team member shares the most important thing for them that day and we all celebrate our collective achievements. Team members who are on the road or working remotely often join the 909 via video conferencing to stay connected. 

The 909 is a great chance for different team members to step into the spotlight, as they take turns starting the huddle and leading the group cheer that ends it. The process keeps us all united and on track for what we are trying to achieve.

“The minute you walk through our doors, the energy of the team speaks for itself,” Roguski said.

Even after the Wolfpack breaks it huddle and team members return to their various departments, the teamwork doesn’t end. 

GetintheLoop is an open office that encourages collaboration amongst team members of all levels. There are meeting spaces located throughout the office and our team frequently communicates through Slack, a cloud-based collaboration software tool. There are also frequent larger scale company updates and presentations.

“When you go to work, it should not be something you dread every day,” Roguski said. “It should be hard to leave because you enjoy the challenges, your co-workers, and the atmosphere.

“Our culture at GetintheLoop is created by the people, not objects. We are a tight-knit team. We respect one another, trust one another, protect one another, give advice and opinions to better one another, challenge each other, and are there for one another through thick and thin.” 

Building the Wolfpack through team spirit events

Stepping back from our work duties and participating in team-building events has greatly strengthened the bond of the Wolfpack. Crowell notes that “culture is everything” and building friendships is a great way to build a team.

Monthly Wolfpack team events are held at GetintheLoop. Two teammates from different departments are paired up to plan an activity for all 30 team members. Past events have seen the Wolfpack go curling, boating, participate in a clever scavenger hunt and spend the weekend together in a houseboat. 

Anniversaries and birthdays are celebrated at GetintheLoop with cards and personalized activities. We host traditional events throughout the year such as our annual foosball tournament, a nuts and bolts competition and pumpkin carving.

Special activities are also planned to make new team members feel welcome. As part of their welcome package, new teammates receive a gift card to a local pub that GetintheLoop is partnered with and get to invite someone outside of their department for a beer. Welcome drinks with the whole team also take place during the team member’s first week.

The Wolfpack is not only focused on building a better team, but a stronger community. We’re proud to participate in community charity initiatives.

In 2019, GetintheLoop participated in the Super Mega Ultimate Techathlon, an eight-week tech challenge. The event supported CODEanagan, which gives disadvantaged youth ages 16-22 opportunities in the tech sector by providing learning and mentorship in tech subjects, from audio engineering and video game development to Android app development. Each week, the Wolfpack partook in a variety of challenges, from creating team stock photos to answering online tech trivia.

Help us write the next chapter

As GetintheLoop continues to expand, we’ll be looking to add more rockstar team members. If you feel like you embody the Wolfpack spirit and would love to be a part of our team culture, keep your eyes open for career opportunities: https://loopmediagroup.recruiterbox.com


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