GetintheLoop Launches in Vancouver

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GetintheLoop – the intelligent mobile marketing platform that delivers exclusive offers and deals to members through a free app – is live in Vancouver with dozens of great offers. GetintheLoop is in the marketplace of serving consumers and businesses. It’s just this simple: download the free app to your phone and login to get exclusive deals without having to pre-purchase or print offers.

Want to know how you and your business benefit?

Business benefits:

  • Attract new customers and build brand awareness
  • Drive customer loyalty and return visits
  • Create and update offers in real time for a low monthly fee
  • Keep 100% of revenue generated from customers

Members benefits:

  • It’s free and you save money at great local businesses
  • Discover new businesses and experiences at great prices
  • Receive exclusive offers not available elsewhere
  • No pre-purchasing or printing offers

How we’ve hit the ground in YVR:

We have had street teams in the downtown core handing out swag, showing people how to download the app and giving them the low down on what GetintheLoop is. We held a successful launch event on July 11th at Charles Bar in Gastown where we spread the word about loop life and what is in store for the future! We will be executing some contests on social media so keep your eyes peeled for some great offers from our partners. Did I say great? I mean fantastic offers!!!

“GetintheLoop’s ability to send timely promotions to the phones of their members is one of the reasons why we partnered with them,” says Geoff Linquist, President, Papa John’s Pizza BC. GetintheLoop members have opted in to receive exclusive promotions from top brands and we feel we will benefit from the mobile and digital trends of consumer behaviours.”

Now that we’ve covered what we are about, let’s dial it back and tell you where we came from to get to where we are today. GetintheLoop was founded and built in sunny Kelowna, BC and has seen a major expansion in 2017 with launches in more cities across BC and Alberta.

Founded and built in Kelowna, GetintheLoop has seen a surge from 10 cities to more than 20 cities in 2017 (Vancouver included). Founder and CEO Matt Crowell says “It is no secret consumers are using their smartphones more and more to look for information and pricing when making the decision to spend their disposable income. We are excited to bring great deals and savings to some of Vancouver and Canada’s most well-known businesses.”

Check out all of the great deals Vancouver has to offer, or take a peek at our other offers in cities you may be visiting on your summer getaways this summer. Either way, we are live in Vancouver and want to change the way you experience your YVR today!


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