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At GetintheLoop, we’re passionate about giving back to the local community and helping others. Mitch Carefoot has the latest about how GetintheLoop is making a difference.

I was raised in a family that always gave back to the community, whether it was through donations or volunteering time, this was a big part of my parents lives.  I inherited their passion for helping others and am now happy to say we found a way to incorporate that assistance into our GetintheLoop business model.

For Matt Crowell, helping community groups raise money has always been a primary goal for him too. “I remember all of the bottle drives we did as kids to raise money for out-of-town hockey tournaments and such. Even then I remember thinking that there has to be a better way,” he said.

We incorporated a social platform for fundraising that we consider better and easier, the use of social media and emails allows for groups to raise money without walking outside in the -40 winter weather.

The fundraising program is simple: each group receives customized marketing materials for websites, emails, and social media, all with unique tracking capabilities. When someone purchases a GetintheLoop membership, the association receives 25% of the purchase price. With memberships starting at $29.00, each purchase nets a minimum $7.25.

When we were growing up we did not have the opportunity to leverage social media, but now that it is widely-available we want to our fundraising program to be fully integrated.

What’s encouraging for Matt and I is that some of our business partners are helping sell memberships and donating the proceeds to charity too. Check out a few of the groups we are currently helping raise money for in Brandon:

Pawsitive Communities – A mobile pet care program aimed at providing veterinary care and promoting education and awareness for pet ownership. I applaud Farran Munn and Devon LeBlanc, the founders, for stepping up to make a difference in animals lives and I wanted to help with their efforts in any way possible.

Brandon Humane Society –  I was shocked to learn that the BHS does not receive any government funding. They have such a huge impact on animal welfare and it’s a cause I hope everyone will contribute to so that the BHS can continue their work.

Beckham –  It doesn’t get any more touching than Beckham’s story. At 3 months old he contracted a serious heart virus that has him and his family battling through trying times. He is happy at the moment with a long road of battles ahead of him. Read more about Beckham by clicking here.

Westman Dreams for Kids – Pizza Express wants to donate membership proceeds to this well-established organization; one whose efforts are devoted to giving kids in the Westman Area something to smile about.

Funds for Furry Friends – A few of our Partner’s have choose this group to donate their membership proceeds to. They are a foster home based rescue, which means their adoptable animals are in the care of loving foster families who provide shelter in a home environment, until forever homes are found. Check out Boston Pizza’s landing page too.

KidSport-Westman – I was blessed with the opportunity to play sports growing up. This organization believes that no kid should be left on the sidelines and that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the positive benefits of organized sports. I agree!  Do you?

If you know of an organization looking to raise money, please let us know how we can help.

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