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People want to be treated with courtesy and respect, and expect exceptional service whenever and wherever they spend their hard earned dollars. People such as myself also like to receive a good deal and our team at GetintheLoop is excited to offer a service that was created to accommodate both.

I recently read that in 2012, 79.8% of adults used some form of coupon discount, yet, many find it embarrassing and are afraid of making themselves look poor or cheap; the expression “Keeping up with the Jones’,” comes to mind. In reality, people who take the time to clip, cut, and carry the coupons have the bigger picture in mind – that extra money can be saved and invested during their lifetime. This concept stands in stark contrast to the spur of the moment, fly by the seat of our pants spending habits that most of us late gen-x and y’s embrace.

With GetintheLoop we want to change the way businesses and consumers view offering and receiving deals. We didn’t like clipping, printing, paying upfront and having the disappointment of a lost or forgotten coupon when standing at the cashier’s till either. For this reason we have gone digital and are no longer required to carry cut-out coupons; now all we need is our handheld mobile device, that many of us seem to be attached to anyway.

GetintheLoop sells memberships to consumers, which provide them with access to exclusive deals offered by our business partners. Our partners love it because they’re bringing in customers who haven’t made that final decision on where to eat, shop, play or stay; and our members love it because they’re getting premium products at great prices. In this sense, our service is comparable to a loyalty program: consumers are rewarded by receiving free or discounted products and services from some of the best businesses in the city, while the businesses are rewarded for their exceptional service with new and return customers.

With membership fees that range from $3.00 – $5.00 per month ($39 – $59 a year) , our community has found a sustainable marketing channel that allows members to enjoy discounts and savings while providing them with great experiences at premium locations.

For our business partners these clients are not only one-time discount-seekers, or coupon-clippers, they are Loop Members; a group of people who are highly active in their community, enjoy the finer things in life, and come together on a regular basis to have a great time, raise money and socialize.

The discount offer gets our members through the front door, but it’s our Partners products and service that keeps them coming back for more. We are building a community that benefits the consumer (people like you and I), our business partners, and the community. We are happy and proud to have found a way to truly “please everyone”.

We are excited for the opportunity to promote our Loop Lifestyle and hope you take the jump to GetintheLoop too.

Spend Less. Experience more!


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