Unique Pizzas From Around The World

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Did you know that there are approximately 5 billion pizzas sold, worldwide, per year?

Pizza is a staple in some diets and a treat in others, but however you slice it, we love pizza. To celebrate National Pizza Day today (February 9th) we’ve compiled some of the most unusual pizza toppings from different corners of the world for you to sink your teeth in to.


Cookie Dough Pizza – South Korea
Cookie dough – Check. Pizza Crust – Check. Prawns – Check. Sweet Potato – Check. The Grand Prix, South Korean pizza literally has it all and apparently tastes like a European soft cookie. Traditionally this pizza comes with a blueberry dipping sauce to slather the crust in after you’re done eating all the toppings first, which means we’ve now put it on our pizza bucket list.unique pizzas cookie dough pizza


Breakfast Pizza – England
These are two of our favourite things combined: Pizza… and breakfast, and only in England would they get it 100% spot on. What a way to kick off the day with potatoes, mushrooms, sausage, bacon, baked beans, cheese and sunny-side-up eggs. Looking for a great way to start the day? This recipe is an absolute corker, and you’d be barmy not to give it a try!

unique pizzas breakfast pizza


Thai Crocodile Pizza – Australia
Crocodile Dundee would love this pizza! A mix of Thai, basil, chilli’s and lime, this pizza is powerful in flavour and is sure to satisfy all cravings. It’s even been said by locals that it is the most fabulous pizza ever. Interested in trying it? Check out the recipe here. Note: the recipe includes crocodile fillets which you might not find easily at your local grocery store.

unique pizzas crocodile pizza


Banana Curry Pizza – Sweden
A Swedish twist on the traditional “Hawaiian” pizza. Curry sauce, thin slices of ham, banana and pineapple rings. This popular Swedish pizza would likely appear on a menu under Classics, and combines sweet, salty, and spicy flavours. Want to try it? Get the recipe here!

unique pizzas banana curry pizza


Horse Meat Pizza – Denmark
It looks great… but not sure if we’d pony up for this one. Don’t believe it’s real? Check it out!

unique pizzas horse meat pizza


Cicada Pizza – USA
This one might bug some people and it is definitely not for the faint of heart, that’s for sure! Although the toppings can be caught for free in the right hot place, these nutty tasting cicadas might tickle on the way down. Got some cicadas lying around? Turn them into your own pizza!

unique pizzas cicada pizza


Something Fishy – Russia
One of the most commonly consumed pizzas in Russia happens to bethe one named after the capital of Moscow, Mockba. Served cold and topped with onions and herbs, this pizza also can have five different types of fish on it: sardines, tuna, mackerel, salmon and red herring. Heading to Moscow soon? Check out the 15 best places to get a pizza!

unique pizzas mockba pizza


Canadian Pizza
What else would Canada call a trusted Canadian favourite? The “Canadian Pizza” typically includes tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, bacon, pepperoni, and mushrooms. Can’t go wrong with traditional!

unique pizzas canadian pizza


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