Making It Easy to Understand Marketing Success

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When we first launched GetintheLoop, we talked to a lot of businesses about how they measure the success of their marketing efforts. We kept hearing the same key problems: how do I tell if my product and message is resonating with the right people? And how do I measure the customers it delivers?

Starting last year, we began developing an innovative dashboard that would make it simple to understand the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. We worked with some initial beta testers to make sure we had the right mix of data to make GetintheLoop’s impact understandable

After many revisions both on how we collect the data, how it’s grouped together, and how it’s ultimately presented, we’re happy to announce that the GetintheLoop For Business Dashboard is live for all Marketing Partners!

Understanding What’s Important

We’ve focused your data on 3 important and easy to understand stats: Reach, Response, and Conversion.

Reach tells you how many times a potential customer saw your offer and brand. Its more than an impression, this is your brand on the phone of a pre-filtered customer, who’s looking to buy.

Response indicates interest. How many customers took action to learn more about your offer or business.

Conversion is the members that GetintheLoop has converted into customers for you – What every marketer and businesses owner wants to know and be able to measure.

Together these 3 metrics give you an unprecedented view of the customer journey from initial reach to interest to actual purchase.

Engagement Rating

In addition, We wanted to go one step further so we’ve included an Engagement Rating for each offer. This is a simple way for you to see how well customers are responding to a particular offer. Its a great way to see which of your marketing messages and promotions are working and which aren’t. And it means you can focus your time and effort on what works to attract customers and keep them coming back.

Offer Engagement Ratings

We’re excited to get you these insights, but we’re not stopping here. We will continue to add innovative ways to simply show how GetintheLoop works for your business.

If you’re a current Marketing Partner you can check out your dashboard by logging into your GetintheLoop for Business account today. We’d love to hear what you think. How can we make it even easier for you to take action on your marketing data?

Cayley Humphries
CTO, GetintheLoop


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