The Start

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During the next few months I will write about the progress of GetintheLoop’s new website and the program we will offer our members and business partners. I will also touch on some key lessons learned and share my career dreams from time to time. I will first start by discussing the past and how this journey all started.

On March 25, 2011 I returned home from playing my first season of “professional” hockey in Europe.  It was after this year of enjoying Belgium beer, travelling and having some fun at the rink that I realized I was ready to start a working career.  Like many people my age I was left with few options. I could move to a big city, or try and win the Kelowna lottery for a career role.  My goal has always been to work for my self, but I didn’t think it would start until I was much older.

It all started when I learned about twitter and was intrigued by its unique instant ability to relay a message to the masses. I thought this would be great for businesses to take advantage of but I wondered how that could be a business for me? It couldn’t. Within that same week I took an interview to become a text message marketing sales consultant. During the interview I learned the value in text marketing and the unique ability to link businesses with their local market.

I now thought, I have a plan, I will create a website and database that gets offered exclusive time sensitive discounts and I will charge members to be in that database. Just like that, GetintheLoop was born. Originally the idea was to offer an Entertainment membership and a Golf membership.  After running all around town meeting with who ever would hear me for 1 minute I had aligned some great partnerships.  The key to gaining these early business partners was, I had to pitch the idea in person, if I got to sit down and gauge my audience I was successful. The few telephone pitch opportunities I had, were instant shut downs. Although discouraged many times I focused on the wins and quickly tried to forget the unsuccessful meetings. I soon after realized I was a one man show and had a lot to learn.  I scaled back the concept, and the website launched focusing on golf alone.

After a few weeks of hard work GetintheLoop launched in late April of 2011. I can still remember 4 hours after launch I had my first paying member! This was a super exciting moment but also nerve racking. My first thoughts were YESSSS it’s working, quickly followed by the immediate doubt of uh oh, I now have a customer, and I have to be sure they love my product every single day!

My partner courses started to enjoy the communication avenue, giving them an opportunity to make an offering to their local clients.

The members loved the service – it was affordable and included a 2 for 1 to The Harvest, a no-brainer for any golfer. My partners (Golf Courses) were all very supportive and valued supporting the local golf community, they all were very quick to support the concept and me. Without them, I had nothing but an idea.

During my first year membership grew steadily and the company enjoyed some nice milestones. We added more partner courses, and sold out the first ever Golf Loop night at The Harvest. The Loop night included some great prizes, drinks, and of course, it was a fantastic deal.

Feedback was positive from both the member and partner side and for the first time I realized this is what I want to do – I want to take the chance, I want to work for myself!


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