Followers share insights on shopping local

July 22nd, 2019 Posted by blog No Comment yet

GetintheLoop is a big advocate of shopping local. Our platform helps you Shop Local, Wherever You Are. We recently reached out to our over-3,000 Instagram followers and invited them to answer a variety of questions, touching on points such as their commitment level around shopping local and how they compare local to online shopping.

Our followers indicated that they are definitely motivated to shop local. There will be always be factors that prevent even the most dedicated person from shopping local this week. It’s certainly encouraging, though, to see that people are willing to put in an effort. This means they understand the value of shopping local.


It’s not surprising that our followers view online shopping as an easier option, but the almost-balanced numbers are a pleasant surprise. GetintheLoop is proud to give local businesses the ability to market offers right to their customers’ phones. Our platform is one example of the technology out there that’s making it easier for consumers to find information on local products, services and experiences that will exceed their expectations.


It’s a well-known fact that local businesses support communities more than online stores. Local businesses are owned and operated by people who actually live in and are invested in the prosperity of their community. It’s common to see a local business donate its time, resources or expertise to support a worthwhile community initiative.


Why would someone want to spend more money to shop local, you might wonder? It’s because they realize that local businesses offer products, services and experiences that are unique and superior to the offerings of a large chain store. They also realize that by spending a bit more to shop local, they are ensuring their community remains vibrant.


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