Can You See into the Future?

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In today’s marketplace, business owners and consumers are dealing with how to cut through the over saturated, overstimulated advertising noise. 

Even as a “professional marketer”, I often find myself staring into a sea of colours, messaging, calls-to-action, slogans, and logos and absorbing nothing. Then I’m left in a state almost akin to confusion when trying to make a buying decision. This makes me long for times when revolutionary mediums presented a unique opportunity for the most progressive businesses to reach above the status quo.

They would make a real impression, a real connection.

In 1922, the first radio broadcasted advertisement presented an opportunity to reach people at home in real time. Imagine, a world with a singular medium for instantaneous communication into prospective customer’s homes! In 1941, the first paid television advertisement appeared before a Dodgers versus Phillies game. In 1978, the first electronica mail advertisement was sent to 600 people (now considered SPAM). In 1993, the first web banner appeared on the Internet. In 1996, the first documented pay-per-click (PPC) service was laumched.

In May 2013, GetintheLoop went live! Is it too soon to add us to the list? We think not.

I find myself thinking from time to time that advertisements are just, annoying.

However, deep down, I want to be advertised to, I want to know what’s available and where to get the best deals – I just only want the information that I’m interested in, and I want it when I’m ready to buy. For example, I don’t want to see a commercial for a restaurant at 11:30PM when I’m not hungry. While it might directly influence my buying decision down the road, there is no guarantee or tracking system in place to quantify the direct value of it.

Being in the marketing world, I respect and appreciate the importance of brand recognition and equity – which the commercial is contributing to. I’m simply on the prowl for something more direct, effective and immediate!

Queue the concept of Micro-Marketing, which was coined in 1988 in the United Kingdom Marketing Press. This means allowing marketers and advertisers to collect demographic, geographic, psychographic, behavioral and product-related information from their order to concentrate efforts and create efficient/effective marketing strategies.

Google does this every day with AdWords and PPC Marketing Efforts – their data allows them to isolate the target market down to a very narrow focus. Facebook enables this as well, allowing advertisers to specify down to the individual interest of the ad recipients.

Is GetintheLoop the future of Micro-Marketing? We’re certainly working to make it that. We are providing a real-time direct marketing effort that reaches people where they are most engaged – their smartphones. As we grow, our Partners will be able to reach their prospective customers when they’re hungry, shopping, travelling.

Should this scare our members? Definitely not, because they’re getting this information as they’re participating (or heading to) these activities. We’re assisting in the buying decision, demonstrating value and inspiring confidence.

No nonsense. Just quality offers from premium businesses.

Can you see into the future?

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