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When you’re a small business owner who loves the grind, it can be hard to step back and take a break. 

One study found that only 57 per cent of small business owners were planning to take a vacation over the course of one year. The study also revealed that small business owners who take vacations aren’t completely saying “goodbye” to work: 67 percent plan to check in with work at least once a day and only 15 per cent will disconnect entirely.

These numbers aren’t exactly surprising, because starting a business is a huge undertaking that requires entrepreneurs to invest their time and resources into a venture that isn’t guaranteed to be successful. For these entrepreneurs, their business is their “baby” and they rightly feel the need to constantly nurture their business so it can grow.

While taking the occasional vacation can help small business owners recharge their batteries, it also involves a lot of pre-planning to ensure their business operates efficiently in their absence. This work includes delegating another team member to manage operations; ensuring inventory is well-stocked; and scheduling enough staff members to keep up with customer demand.

Thankfully, when your business signs on with GetintheLoop, your local marketing efforts are one less thing you have to worry about while you’re planning for a vacation. Canada’s leading mobile offers platform has all the tools you need to maintain the momentum of your local marketing campaigns while you’re away.

You don’t want your business to miss out on the summer rush during your vacation. If you’re planning to keep your business open while you’re away, it’s important that you have live offers on the platform to drive traffic through the door. 

With GetintheLoop, you can schedule offers to run over the course of your vacation and you don’t have to worry about them expiring. Customers will be able to view and redeem your offers without missing a beat.

Our amazing support team at GetintheLoop is able to keep on top of your offers so that you can spend more time relaxing on your vacation. Your local team member or a member of the GetintheLoop HQ support team can monitor the effectiveness of your offers while you’re away, removing offers that aren’t performing well and replacing them with alternate offers that you’ve discussed together in advance. 

Being a GetintheLoop business partner enables you to enjoy your vacation without worrying about your marketing efforts. With your mind clear, you will be able to step back and evaluate the state of your business, thinking of new policies or practices that could be implemented to drive innovation. You will come back refreshed and full of new ideas.

Join the offers platform that works for you. With GetintheLoop for Business, you can easily attract new customers and retain current customers while keeping 100 percent of your revenue. Visit to get started today.

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