Ricky’s All Day Grill: A Powerful Partnership

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At GetintheLoop we love working with all of our partners but we get especially amped up when we get a chance to work with a highly engaged and active partner. Ricky’s All Day Grill in Victoria is one of those partners who shares our vision for building GetintheLoop in their community with compelling offers delivered with an exceptional customer experience, and we are excited to share their story in our new GetintheLoop Partner Profile.

Darrell and Gary, Co-owners of Ricky’s in Victoria, wanted to know more about what GetintheLoop for Business could do for Ricky’s All Day Grill. After learning that GetintheLoop would improve loyalty with his current customers while also attracting new customers, Gary and Darrell jumped on board, and created strong offers such as “50% Off Burgers”, “Eat Free On Your Birthday”, “Buy 1 Get 1 Free Meals” and “Free Breakfast With Beverage”. He was interested in learning more about his customers, and GetintheLoop’s user-friendly dashboard provided him and his team with insights into the ages and demographics of members who saw, engaged with, and used his offers. With these market research insights, They could not only optimize their offers but also their business’s other marketing and promotions. The offers that Ricky’s created were promoted to audiences in Victoria in addition to being featured in GetintheLoop digital display ads on Google and Facebook.

Understanding costs helped Ricky’s Victoria accurately measure the return on investment with GetintheLoop. Darrell and Gary found that the increase in overall customer visits outweighed the reduced margins on sales, and even giving away a breakfast with a beverage purchase was profitable. Not only did Ricky’s profit from each promotion, they also attracted new regular customers who visited after seeing Ricky’s on GetintheLoop.

Compelling Offers Drive Behaviour Changes

Two stories stand out that showcase why compelling offers attract new members and create loyalty. 

Taking the time to price out each promotion, Gary and Darrell created the “Free Breakfast with Purchase of a Beverage” promotion, targeting business commuters and surrounding college students. Offering their two egg breakfast starting at $3.19 and add-ons starting at $3.99, Darrell and Gary not only made their costs back, but they were able to attract the target demographics as repeat customers. One group in particular came in for free breakfast and loved their experience so much that they came back the following day with all their friends for Ricky’s All Day Happy Hour, settling out a bill of just over $100. The Ricky’s Victoria team now see this group quite often, as they have told their friends about what Ricky’s has to offer and have become regulars.

Another story which highlights the value of creating a compelling offer is Ricky’s “Eat for Free on Your Birthday”. This offer attracted a party of 25 people who regularly visited Ricky’s competitors. However, one of the party attendees spotted the “Eat for Free on Your Birthday” offer on GetintheLoop, and the group decided to try Ricky’s All Day Grill instead. After having an exceptional experience, several members of that one group now regularly visit Ricky’s Victoria. 

The Ricky’s Victoria team pride themselves on providing a great customer experience, service, and food. Using GetintheLoop as a strategic marketing tool, they were able to attract, retain, and create loyalty among customers. Gary and Darrell worked with the GetintheLoop team to create compelling offers and spent real time with GetintheLoop, promoting through Facebook, word of mouth, referrals etc. With provided GetintheLoop marketing materials (billfolds, door decals and table toppers), Darrell and Gary increased their success by making sure GetintheLoop was visible at Ricky’s Victoria.

Successful Partnerships Work Both Ways


Creating intriguing and compelling experiences and offers is what drives potential customers to change their behaviour. GetintheLoop drives new customers to your business giving you the opportunity to create lifelong customers. Ricky’s experience demonstrates the importance of creating compelling offers that change consumer behaviour. GetintheLoop is different from other services as offers can be changed in an instant which means that, as a business, you can try new things, get creative, and have no risk in trying things like offering Free Breakfast.

With a GetintheLoop for Business partnership, your dedicated team works with you to establish goals, create a plan, and find success with mobile marketing. When a new business partner signs up and provides intriguing offers, GetintheLoop promotes the strongest offers via additional marketing channels and to a wider audience – not only on the app but also in email, contesting, newsletters, push notifications, radio, blog posts, social media shout-outs, at events and more. Marketing to new and existing customers can be easy – let GetintheLoop help you find the best marketing strategy for your business. As Darrell and Gary say, “The support is amazing, the app and the dashboard are easy to use, I would suggest GetintheLoop to new businesses and established businesses alike”.

Learn how GetintheLoop can work for your business – get in touch and we will get right back to you!

Danielle Thornton is a Partner Success Manager at GetintheLoop. Danielle has a passion for microbreweries, breakfast, puppies, and supporting local businesses. When not thinking of ways to improve our partner’s offers and the overall experience for business partners at GetintheLoop, Danielle can be found supporting local Associations and businesses or enjoying the most incredible microbrews in the land.

Danielle has enjoyed working with an outstanding partner at  GetintheLoop who exemplifies what success looks like. Ricky’s All Day Grill Victoria has been a partner since July 2017, first hearing about GetintheLoop on the radio.

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