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Consumers love being able to check off all the items on their shopping list at one location, which is why all-in-one shops such as large department stores or mega malls are big draws in the physical shopping world.

The all-in-one shop concept has evolved in today’s digital society. Smartphones greatly influence shopping habits – one study found that 70 per cent of smartphone users consulted their phone before making an in-store purchase – and consumers are now seeking to access offers and product information from a wide variety of retailers through a single app.

In iVend Retail’s 2018 Global Path to Purchase survey, 71.6 percent of consumers said they shop via mobile smartphones, 60.1 percent said they used their smartphone in brick-and-mortar stores and 54 percent made a decision to shop with retailers that sent them special mobile offers while they were in store.

For businesses, signing on to an all-in-one shopping app is a great way to join a “digital megamall” and reach more customers. Here’s a further look at the benefits of joining an all-in-one shopping app.

There are limited app spots available on your consumers’ phones

A business can try to reach mobile customers by creating its own app, which allows customers to shop, receive offers and, in some instances, gain loyalty points via their mobile device. 

This solution, however, would not work for many businesses. Simple apps can cost anywhere between $50,000 to $100,000 to build and 20 percent of the development cost per year to maintain, which isn’t a realistic budget for an average business.

Even if your business was successful in creating an app, there’s no guarantee that consumers will download it and use up their precious app space. One report notes that an average smartphone owner uses 30 apps each month. Based on those numbers, it isn’t feasible for smartphone users to download and use a separate app for every business they plan to shop at.

By joining together on one app, retailers expand their reach

When you sign your business up to an all-in-one shopping app, you’re joining a wide variety of retailers that are providing valuable information to customers such as product information and offers.

There’s a great benefit for consumers to download an all-in-one shopping app because they are gaining access to many different types of stores and only allocating space on their smartphone for one app. As more businesses join the app, a higher number of potential customers will download the app.

One of the challenges for a less-established business is generating awareness and driving traffic through the door. Even if customers aren’t aware of your business when they download the all-in-one shopping app, they will inevitably discover your business through category searches or direct offer notifications. 

GetintheLoop is the perfect all-in-one shopping app to meet your needs

GetintheLoop is the leading all-in-one shopping app in Canada, with many diverse businesses signed up in numerous categories, including Food/Drink; Home/Auto; Salon/Spa; Sports/Fitness; Shopping; Things to Do; and Travel.

The app is empowering members to shop local, wherever they are, by delivering offers to their smartphones from local businesses that provide incredible products, services and experiences. Customers love GetintheLoop because they can access offers from businesses they frequent and also discover new places to shop.

App members can browse for offers based on location and category, and also click on a particular business to view all its active offers. One of the greatest tools GetintheLoop uses to drive customers to businesses is push notifications. Customers opt in to receive push notifications for offers based on their shopping preferences. This direct marketing method helps customers make real-time shopping decisions.

For an affordable monthly fee, your business can join GetintheLoop’s all-in-one shopping app and boost your digital presence. To learn more about how GetintheLoop’s all-in-one shopping app can benefit your business, visit

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