Partner Spotlight: White Dove Water Company & Laundromat

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Partner Spotlights are our way to shine a light on some of our amazing local partners across the country and give them a platform to tell their unique story. Karen & Sheldon, owners of White Dove Water Company & Laundromat in Dauphin wants to share theirs.

Tell us about your business:

We are a Water Company that supplies Reverse Osmosis through special filters and UV light; we take pride in purifying not only the water but also the water jugs too. We also sell Water Softeners to Private or Commercial customers to improve their drinking and water in general from staining their sinks, showers, clothes, etc. Besides this, we also make our own purified Ice and bag it at our store to sell commercial or private customers. Our store sells wine and beer kits, honey and other sorts of water supplies.

What is the one thing you would like people to know about your business?

I would like customers to know that they are looked after and are acknowledged as being an important part of our business. Also, they are number 1 and if we can help them we are excited too.

What made you want to get into this business here?

I (Karen) have always been an entrepreneur and being raised by parents in business this just becomes second nature. We knew that the World of Water was changing and people want to be drinking something that is not only healthy but purified for them. Plus we both love people meeting them listening and sharing our lives together almost like family.

What’s your favourite part about owning or managing the business?

We have the freedom to switch up items that we sell or see best suited to our business.

What local business would you like to see on GetintheLoop?

This is a tough question as I would like to see a lot of different businesses on this app!

Is there a community cause or event that you support that you would like to give a shoutout to?

As Christians, we are always looking at different ways to help others but we do like to help Parkland Crossing with their meals they serve to the community; plus Parkland Crisis Centre is another community dear to our heart.

Where can people find your business?

616 Main Street South Dauphin Manitoba or online at

How can people contact you?

By phone: (204) 629-2837

When you’re not working/running your business what is your favourite thing to do?

I (Karen) also do Life Coaching which is a passion of mine to listen and help people make a difference in their lives or relationships. Besides that, we both like to fish, go boating and spend time with our children especially our grandson Braxon. I love to run half marathons when time permits.

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