Partner Spotlight: HydroFly Kelowna

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We’re pretty confident that, at one point or another, everyone has wanted to be a superhero. What if we told you that your chance to rise up like Iron Man and zoom around the sky was just down the road at the Downtown Marina in Kelowna?

After coming to Canada in 2011, Flyboarding is gaining popularity as an extreme water sport. Powered by a hose that pumps water from a jetski, a flyboarder is strapped into boots and a small board, which allows them to rise out of the water and fly. Kind of like a superhero…

Needless to say, the GetintheLoop team was intrigued, so we decided to head out on the lake and try it out for ourselves!

Mike Prince, the owner of Hydrofly and a professional flyboarder himself, quickly suited us up with wetsuits, helmets, and life jackets, before we hopped into the boat and left the marina.

After a short lesson in the boat about how to get started and what to expect, we were in the lake. The water propelling the flyboarder from the lake shoots out of jets attached to the board below your feet. This water stream is controlled by the instructor on the jetski, so you never need to worry about having too little or too much power.

Within a few minutes, and on the second attempt, we were out of the water. Mike was just a few feet away the entire time, controlling the

 jetski and providing instructions. When you start to fall, the instructor lessens the power so you don’t shoot into the water (this was one of our biggest fears). 

By the end of our session we had the hang of it. We were able to rise out of the water, move forward through the air, and turn left and right. Overall, flyboarding was a lot easier than we expected! The trick is definitely to stay relaxed and not try too hard or force the movements.


Mike and his team were great throughout the entire experience. It was fun, exhilarating, and we never felt unsafe or out of control. It’s an activity people of all skill levels can master quickly.   

Want to try flyboarding yourself? We’re giving away one individual flyboarding experience, including a photo package, AND a tshirt! Check out our facebook post for your chance to win! 



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