3 Years, 5 Roles – The Journey of an Intern

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My journey with GetintheLoop started in 2015 when Matt Crowell, Founder, and CEO of local tech startup GetintheLoop, was a guest speaker at Okanagan College. After listening to Matty (as our team affectionately calls him) speak for 15 minutes, I knew I wanted to be a part of GetintheLoop.

At the time, a friend of mine was lucky enough to be working at GetintheLoop, involved in the early stages of growing this company. Leveraging that connection, I approached my friend and shared my interest in joining the young startup. Shortly afterward, an intern program was developed. GetintheLoop was looking for young people with fresh ideas to research future opportunities, develop the business model, and understand the mobile marketplace. I was asked to join. And so my journey began!

What I Was Doing

Beginning an internship for a relatively young tech startup, I had zero expectations or ideas as to what I would be doing day-to-day. I wasn’t sure if I would be brewing pots of coffee or getting involved in sales meetings, all I knew was I needed to be part of it.

In the days leading up to the internship, I was a mess. I couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t focus on school, couldn’t do anything. I knew this internship would provide nothing but opportunities for the future. GetintheLoop was known for having tremendous upside but also known to take their work seriously. I knew I had to grind away and kept telling myself, “Don’t blow it.” After all, they had fired interns in the past…

Thankfully, the role had nothing to do with making coffee runs, taking lunch orders, or shoveling the walkway during snowstorms. I was there to provide real value and soak up as much knowledge as possible. I gained hands-on experience by writing blogs about businesses partnered with GetintheLoop, attending development meetings with the tech team, and chatting with the team about business and life over beers and foosball. We learned about all facets of a tech company through real-world experience and received career and life advice at the same time. It was incredible.

Where the Journey Took Me

If you asked me to draw out an ideal roadmap for my time with GetintheLoop, I can honestly say I wouldn’t change a thing.

The internship gave me an opportunity to prove myself and demonstrate how much I believed in the company. Once the program completed, I took a few months off and traveled around Europe. Nearing the end of the trip, it became apparent that upon returning home to “real life” I needed to find a career, not a job. After my experience with GetintheLoop, I knew no other job I found would compare.

Surely enough, a couple weeks after I returned home, I received a text from Matty. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was driving across the bridge in Kelowna when my phone buzzed with the text, “Call me, we have to talk”. My mind instantly started racing a thousand miles an hour. I raced over the bridge, pulled into the parking lot at 19 Greens, took a deep breath, and dialed Matty’s number. He answered on the first ring (which never happens), quickly blew through the pleasantries and offered me a part-time role researching opportunities and contact information for businesses and media companies across BC and Alberta. I didn’t hesitate for a second, I simply said, “I’m in, let’s do this”.

Three Years, Five Roles

Since that day nearly three years ago, it has been a wild ride, in five different roles:

  1. Intern
  2. Part-time researcher
  3. Full-time Partner Success Team Member
  4. Assistant Manager Partner Success Team
  5. Market Development – Vancouver

We have grown from seven people to a 30-person strong #WolfPack. I went from being an intern getting paid with pizza for writing blogs and creating content, to helping hundreds of businesses across Western Canada use our technology to gain customers and increase revenue. The next step of my journey, role number five, is arguably the most exciting – moving to Vancouver to help grow GetintheLoop in a major market.

What I Have Learned

Working in such a fast-paced environment will teach you many things, and quickly. As a relatively young employee in the startup community, you are constantly learning, whether it be through co-workers, other influencers in the community, or mistakes made along the way. I have been with GetintheLoop for nearly three years and I can safely say I am still learning every single day. If you’re not asking questions, taking chances and learning, you’re not growing yourself.

The three most important lessons I have learned:
Constantly learn – It is okay if you do not know or understand something. Ask tons of questions and better yourself every day.
Work hard – The one thing you can control in life is your work ethic. Show up, give 100% and make a difference.
Execute and take chances – As Kemp from our office says, “An idea is only 1%, execution is 99%”. If you have an idea, go for it. Many ideas will fail, some will succeed, but if you learn from the failures, it’s a success.

A quote that always stuck with me is one my Dad has been telling me for as long as I can remember, “Your attitude determines your altitude”. Matty is the epitome of this quote. He comes into the office every day and motivates the hell out of our team. Being the CEO of one of the fastest growing tech companies in Western Canada surely has its stressful times, but he approaches those situations with the best attitude possible and it directly affects the entire team. Everyone shows up, gives 100%, 100% of the time, and makes the company better every day. I have been fortunate enough to have had Matt as a mentor over these past 3 years, and can’t wait to see what else I learn from him.

The Journey Ahead

The pressure and demands put on the team to succeed every day are heavy, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. There is nothing cooler than being able to see the growth of a company and being able to reflect and look back and say, “I was a part of this.” The bonus – we all earn equity in the company. Everyone is in this together and driven to make GetintheLoop a success.

These past few years at GetintheLoop have been a wild ride. No two days the same in this constantly evolving industry and the mystery of what the future holds is what makes this so exciting. I have been privileged to work alongside many great people that taught me more about business and life than I ever could have imagined. I wake up grateful every day, with a smile on my face, and a bounce in my step. And I can’t wait to see where this journey takes us.


See you in Vancouver,

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