Hillside Shopping Centre achieves digital marketing success as longtime GetintheLoop partner

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By signing up with GetintheLoop, the Hillside Shopping Centre in Victoria, BC, proved that it was ahead of the digital curve.

Hillside is a 589,000 square foot regional shopping centre with 110 shops and service providers, anchored by retailers such as Canadian Tire, Shoppers Drugmart, Thrifty Foods, Marshalls and Sport Chek. 

Sound Bite: Recognizing Importance of a Mobile Presence

Back in 2015, other shopping centres were trying to create their own apps to reach digital customers. Hillside’s administrative team, however, realized this would be a costly venture and they wouldn’t have the infrastructure to support it. After being pitched on GetintheLoop by a team including Founder and CEO Matt Crowell, Hillside recognized the value in joining an all-in-one shopping app with an affordable monthly fee.

“Matt’s certainly got this infectious personality,” Hillside marketing director Michele Paget said. “He came in and did his pitch and we definitely loved the idea: the selling features of the app and the opportunity for our retailers to reach new markets.

“With more than 30 million mobile users in Canada alone, it was clear to us where our customers were getting their information from and it wasn’t from the little print ads that we were producing.”

Hillside originally signed on with GetintheLoop for a six-month period. With this technology being new to the shopping centre, it relied on the support of GetintheLoop. Paget said the company’s skilled support team helped Hillside and its retailers become familiar with creating/editing offers and viewing offer analytics.

Hillside’s retailers found that the features of GetintheLoop’s mobile offers platform were superior to other methods they had been using. 

Some retailers had relied on an email database to distribute offers, but ended up reaching the same customers over and over again. GetintheLoop’s ever-expanding membership base helped them attract new customers. 

Another popular trend among the shopping centre’s retailers had been using printed coupons, but customers would often forget about these coupons until they had expired and would get angry when they couldn’t redeem them. By using GetintheLoop, retailers could ensure there were always active offers up on the platform.

Once its six month term with GetintheLoop was up, Hillside was eager to remain on the platform and is still a satisfied business partner to this day. There are now over 40 retailers at Hillside utilizing GetintheLoop, which has created a digital marketplace for the shopping centre’s customers.

“Since signing on to GetintheLoop, my marketing budget has literally flipped upside down,” Paget said. “I used to have my print and radio costs and now it’s all about social media, my website and GetintheLoop.”

Hillside has worked hard to promote its involvement on the platform throughout the shopping centre. Hillside installed a massive floor decal to identify all the retailers that have signed onto the platform and has also promoted active retailers on its website. Information about GetintheLoop is listed on all the shopping centres’s directory boards and there are visual identifiers located throughout the building.

Sound Bite: GetintheLoop – Solid Platform + Amazing Support

“When people are coming into the shopping centre, they want to know about GetintheLoop and how they can download it right away and start accessing offers,” Paget said. 

“We’re in a unique spot as we’re right in the middle of the University of Victoria and Camosun College. The students love GetintheLoop and so we always work with them to try and make sure they know we have GetintheLoop in the shopping centre.”

As Paget explains, one of the added bonuses of being a GetintheLoop partner is that the platform has been a great tool for Hillside to entice new retailers to set up shop.”

“When we are in leasing meetings, I can say to a client, ‘Here are your marketing opportunities that we provide at no cost to you’,” Paget said. “Every retailer is looking to attract new customers. By offering a great marketing tool like GetintheLoop to retailers, it attracts them to the shopping centre.”

GetintheLoop, Canada’s leading mobile offers platform, gives businesses the ability to effectively reach local customers right on their smartphones. Learn more about the exciting opportunity to sign your business onto the platform.

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