Pack your Bags and Head to Edmonton!

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With the constant (and playful) rivalry between Alberta’s two largest cities, it’s easy to overlook Edmonton and focus on Calgary. However, Edmonton has a lot to offer and shouldn’t be ignored. It’s one of the youngest and fastest growing cities in Canada. Despite the frigid temperatures it’s known for, Edmonton is actually one of the sunniest cities in the country! To top it off, the city is home to the largest urban parkland in Canada (take that, Calgary!)

Known to be a very blue collar city, Edmonton has a strong love for the arts and has even been dubbed “Festival City”. Hosting over 50 cultural, heritage, sport and music festivals throughout the year, Edmonton has an event for everyone. Their emphasis on festivals even earned recognition from National Geographic, who dubbed them one of the “Top Summer Vacation Destinations” in the world! If you’d rather stay indoors, Edmonton is also famously known to have the biggest mall in Canada. Besides countless stores and restaurants, West Edmonton Mall boasts an amusement park, a water park, a hotel, a mini golf course, a skating rink, and an aquarium complete with four resident sea lions!

In case you need more convincing before you pack your bags, Edmonton is one of the best cities to get ahead as a millennial. Not only home to one of Canada’s top universities, the University of Alberta, Edmonton also has a very strong economy. Despite the downturn that Calgary experienced in recent years, Edmonton’s median household take home income is $82,000, significantly higher than Canada’s average. In addition, the average cost of a home is only $389,330, which is drastically lower than other Canadian metropolitan cities.

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