GetintheLoop is Perfect for Scrolling/Swiping Smartphone Users

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To create the ultimate user experience for today’s smartphone users, it’s crucial for an app to incorporate scrolling and swiping functions. 

One study has shown that the typical smartphone user will scroll between 201.48 and 257.75 times per day – that’s 5.03 miles per year! People love to scroll through content – whether they’re browsing social feeds or news sites, or shopping via a mobile device – because they can effortlessly browse and don’t have to rely on page up and down buttons to navigate through an app.

Swiping is a popular feature that many associate with the dating site Tinder: users view photos of fellow users and swipe right if they’re interested in meeting them and swipe left if they’re not. This function is also being incorporated into news and shopping sites. In an article titled The Psychology of Swiping in Apps, it’s noted that the left-right orientation of swipping aligns with the way people read and visualize time.

GetintheLoop, Canada’s leading mobile offers platform, was designed for those who love to scroll and swipe. Creating the ultimate user experience is top of mind for our product development team and this means ensuring a seamless browsing experience.

After selecting their location and the shopping category they’re interested in, members can scroll through a list of offers and pick ones that interest them. After tapping an offer, members can scroll to view more details, view the location of the business and redeem the offer. If a member comes across an offer of interest but would like to keep browsing, they can save the offer to easily view it later.

If a member comes across a business they’re interested in, they can swipe right to view all the offers that business currently has on the platform. The member can continue scrolling down the list of other offers without swiping back to the left. The swipe function can also be used to view the multiple locations an offer is available, if applicable.

Check out the video below to see how easy it is for members to scroll and swipe their way through the GetintheLoop app:

The quality user experience of the app ensures all business partners that members will easily be able to find information on their company, view their offers and take action. Learn more about the exciting opportunity to sign your business onto the platform.

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