GetintheLoop helps Manitoba cafe brew up engaging mobile offers

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GetintheLoop has provided an energy boost to the local marketing efforts of Café Trocadero in Dauphin, MB. Canada’s leading mobile offers platform has helped the cafe attract new customers and highlight its diverse services.

Marisa Philippe opened Café Trocadero in November 2016. Her mission was to create an inviting space where customers could enjoy a carefully sourced cup of premium Canadian coffee or tea, paired with a freshly baked pastry with a French flair. Setting up shop in a medical clinic close to a hospital ensured a steady flow of medical professionals and employees early on.

It wasn’t long, however, before Philippe realized that selling coffee would only take her business so far. She unveiled a bistro that offers customers healthy and savoury breakfast and lunch items, and also added a catering component that specializes in business functions and weddings. 

Sound Bite: GetintheLoop is a “visionary” platform

When it came to advertising, Philippe discovered that while traditional radio advertising was good for brand identity building, it wasn’t as effective at helping Café Trocadero attract new clients outside the medical centre area. As soon as GetintheLoop came to Dauphin in April 2019, Philippe signed Café Trocadero on. Based on customer response, and the growth in the number of customers from all over town becoming regulars due to Trocadero’s online presence, she realized the potential mobile advertising could have for her business.

“It was a no-brainer!” Philippe said. “I just feel that mobile is the way people function today, and being online makes as big a statement as not being online. You have to be present on these dynamic, interactive platforms in order to keep your business relevant and your customers interested. I myself couldn’t wait to get the GetintheLoop app and explore the next city I visited that way. I thought it was really visionary.”

GetintheLoop has given Café Trocadero the ability to create mobile offers that provide value to customers. The cafe encourages customers to stop in for breakfast over other venues by creating offers on breakfast sandwich/coffee combos. 

Customers who bring in their own coffee mugs to the cafe get a discount; this offer has a dual benefit of saving customers money and promoting the sustainability efforts of the cafe. Café Trocadero’s focus on the catering side is to encourage repeat business. One offer the cafe has run provides a gift card to catering customers that can be used for future catering orders.

Sound Bite: Receiving great support from local owner Dale Jacobs

Café Trocadero has also utilized GetintheLoop as a tool to raise awareness about the business’ offerings. On social media, Philippe often promotes the high quality of the cafe’s food by showcasing photos of fresh creations. She said GetintheLoop is another platform for the business to make customer aware of its tasty offerings and promote specials such as seasonal treats and holiday merchandise. 

“I try to appeal to a niche in Dauphin, people who can appreciate the genuine quality we offer – where our coffee beans are from, how they are roasted and what processes are used and measures are taken to ensure it is sustainable,” Philippe said. “We put a lot of love and thought into our food and drinks and always aim to delight our customers.”

As a business partner, Café Trocadero receives support from Dauphin’s GetintheLoop Local owner, Dale Jacobs, and staff members at the company’s headquarters. Philippe said life is busy for her as a cafe owner and she’s grateful to have a quality team behind her.

“Dale’s style very much appeals to me; he’s motivating and has a very positive way of encouraging you to keep up,” Philippe said. “He has such high standards and you want to compete with his level of business capacity.” 

It’s clear that something special is brewing at Café Trocadero and Philippe is excited for her business to experience continued growth as it markets with GetintheLoop.

She thinks the potential for GetintheLoop is through the roof: “I’m sure it’s going to go very far. We certainly keep pushing the platform and we keep having people look at it.”

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